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Jewel Quest 5: The Sleepless Star

Genre: Puzzle

Match gems to recover the Sleepless Star!

Adventure with the intrepid Percy Pack and Pattawaset (aka Yellow Feather) in Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star. A jewel thief’s henchmen have razed Pattawaset’s village, destroyed the sacred burial fire, and made off with the Sleepless Star—the powerful jewel of her people. Unleash your match-three mettle to recover the Sleepless Star!

Swap the emerald gem the arrow points to with the diamond above it for a match. Or better still, swap the emerald above right with the diamond below to make a match and set up the diamonds for your next three-of-a-kind match!

Go for the gold! Turn all the spaces to gold on each Jewel Board to continue your quest.

Match fast in your quest for the Sleepless Star! Each board finished with a five-star rating gets you a gold star that unlocks a helpful Artifact.