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  Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star Tips and Strategies




·          Form matches of three in a row by swapping two adjacent jewels. Try, too, to form matches of four-in-a-row and matches that create “T” and “L” formations. You score more and complete your Jewel Board faster.




·          You must turn all the spaces to gold on the Jewel Board. Hold down the left Ctrl key on your keyboard to view the board without jewels. Doing so helps you match more strategically.




·          If you don’t make a move for a while, jewels flash to show you valid moves. Use these hints to your advantage.




·          Work any board as much as possible from the bottom first. Also, be sure to match your jewels in the corners as soon as you can.




·          For areas of the board that need to be turned gold, work ‘em, work ‘em, work ‘em so new jewels drop from the top.




·          Complete a board with a five-star rating to get a gold star and unlock Artifacts for your Inventory. Complete Level 1’s Classic Board tutorial to earn the bear-inspired Artifact that offers courage, strength, and protection. Equip your board with it to add 20 seconds to the timer once per minute.




·          Along the way, you’ll encounter different types of boards, from the Classic Board to the Climbing Board and the Secret Entrance Board.




·          Always remember: each Jewel Board wants to be cleared. Just match three or more jewels as quickly as you can!