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  Jewel Quest Tips and Strategies




The Basics




·          The trickiest tiles to clear on the first board are the top left and right. Concentrate on these two tiles first. Once you've turned them to gold, work from the bottom of the screen up. Chances are, by the time you've cleared the bottom two or three rows, most of the top will be filled in as well!




·          Some matches can create multiple lines at once. Look for swaps which will complete both a horizontal and vertical line, or two lines going the same direction.



·          Remember that you can swap relics either up and down or left and right. So if you're having trouble completing a vertical line, take a look to either side; there might be a horizontal match just waiting for you.




Moving On




·          The trickiest tiles to clear on the second board are the two on the bottom left, followed by each corner tile on the way up to the right, and finally the two tiles at the top left and right of your screen. The key to winning is clearing those bottom left tiles as quickly as possible. Once they're gleaming gold, the rest of this board should work just like the first one.




·          Some matches will create multiple lines on different parts of the board! Look for possible lines which, when vanishing, will cause more matches to cascade into lines above or to the side.




·          Remember, the flashiest move isn't always the best one. It can get tempting to go for the one swap that causes half the board to cascade down in a flood of falling relics, but remember that your goal isn't matching a certain number of artifacts. You'll only win the level by turning every tile to gold, and that means carefully planning your moves so that the relics fall just where you need them.




Buried Treasure




·          The toughest tiles by far to clear on these two boards are the ones containing "buried" artifacts, and any tiles directly below them. Since each buried artifact must be matched twice, you should concentrate on revealing them first. Once the artifacts are all visible, work your way up from the bottom, just as on the previous boards.



·          If you don't see a favorable match, just make any line you can. This will move the existing artifacts around, introduce new ones from the top, and offer you new possibilities.




·          Although it's vital to concentrate on the bottom tiles, don't forget that any moves you make down below affect the relics above them: Everything shifts downward after a line is completed. So if you can see that you need to make two moves before you can clear a specific tile, remember to make the top one first!





So you've been playing Jewel Quest 24/7, and now you think you're a match for anything the game can throw at you? Well, here are a few variants to keep you on your toes:




·          Try to clear each board without touching any of the relics in the top two rows. (Yes, this is possible on all four boards. It's not easy, though...) As a hint, solve any tricky areas of the board first, then concentrate on the top left and right corners. Build vertically whenever possible!




·          Try to clear each board by making matches which alternate between creating vertical and horizontal lines. That is to say, match a horizontal line, then a vertical line, then another horizontal, and so on. (Yep, this is also possible on all four boards, although a bit tougher.) If one of your matches happens to also create a line of the opposing direction, it does not count as both -- you still need to make the opposite match next. (Nice try.)




·          Try to clear a board by creating only vertical lines. (This is also possible, although much more difficult than the other two variants. Luck plays a definite factor.) As a hint, look for vertical matches which coincidentally create horizontal lines as well, or will cause a cascade of relics into position for more vertical matches. The key to this variant is making sure you always have more valid moves to pursue!






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