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Lost for centuries under the waves, Atlantis is a city of legendary wealth and treasure. Explore the undersea ruins for glittering gems and challenging puzzles! Can you conquer all the levels and score the sunken jewels of Atlantis?

Or have you finally met your match?




Click on two adjacent jewels to swap their positions.


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Your goal is to create a horizontal or vertical line of three or more identical gems. Some spaces on each screen have colored backgrounds: make matches over each “blocked” space to clear it.


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Many blocked spaces also contain tiny jewels called Detonators. You cannot swap or move these gems, but making a same-color match over or next to one will destroy it.


Play the Jewel of Atlantis game!



Tips and Strategies




Bonus Points




·          Long chains. If you can make a horizontal or vertical line of more than three identical gems at once, you’ll receive extra points. Look for setups where one gem can be moved into the middle of a row or column of three or four similar jewels to create a four- or five-gem chain.




·          Multiple simultaneous matches. Sometimes, swapping two gems will create more than one match. This is a quick way to gain a few extra bonus points!




·          Cascades. Here’s where the big points happen. If your match causes tiles above it to fall into position for another match, you’ll receive a bonus. Better still, if that matches causes another successful match, the bonus will be multiplied. Each additional match will multiply further, so cascades of six or seven successful matches are good for your score! For the best chance of cascades, make matches near the bottom of the screen.








·          Bombs. After a certain level, matching four or more jewels in a straight horizontal or vertical line will create a bomb. Use the bomb as part of a successful match to detonate all nearby gems. Ba-boom!




·          Cannons! After a certain level, you’ll be able to create cannons by matching five jewels in an L shape. The direction the L is pointing determines the direction your cannon will face. Use the cannon in a successful match to fire it and destroy all jewels in its path.








·          If you see two or more possible matches, do the topmost one first. Since jewels disappear when matched, going for a lower match might move the gems above out of position.




·          Remember, the goal for most levels isn’t to make the largest number of possible matches, but to clear the backgrounds from certain boxes. So if you’re running out of time, remember to concentrate only on the boxes you actually need!