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Sunken treasure waits beneath the waves!
There’s something different about this coral reef – it’s made from puzzles! Dive down into an underwater world filled with match-3 fun and untold riches. The mystery is just how much loot you can make off with!




Story Mode - Select a chain of 3 or more matching tiles to remove them from the board. When the tiles on top are removed, the ones underneath flip and change to basic white. The level is complete when you make the whole board white – and you’ll need to keep an eye on that time bar. Rainbow tiles are wildcards to help you make those tricky matches.

Blitz Mode - Your goal is to flip all the tiles as fast as you can. Gain an extra 30 seconds each time you flip all the tiles to white.




When the going gets tough, the tough start bombing! Win bombs by matching longer chains, then set them off clear a messy board.




Coins appear when you make great matches. Don’t just hoard your gold - use coins to buy incredible power ups. There are four unique power ups – Dynamite, Color Remover, Demolisher and Binoculars – that will be essential to clearing later levels.




  Jewel Mysteries Tips and Strategies




·         You only need three tiles to make a chain – but the longer your match, the more loot you’ll unlock!




·          Keep an eye on the time bar. Remember, the goal of the game is to turn the whole board white... If your time runs out you’ll lose your treasure!




·          Rainbow tiles are wildcards. Use them to match-3 when you’re otherwise blocked, or to string together super-long chains!




·          Coins aren’t just for spending – just like Rainbow tiles, you can use them to make a chain with two other matching tiles.




·          On levels where tiles are chained up, try to break the locks as soon as you can.




·          Each powerup has a unique function. Try them all out in the earlier levels, so you can bust out the right powerup in a crunch!




·          Save your coins, then spend up large on the powerups you want!




·          Customize your match-3 gameplay. Story Mode requires planning and strategy. Blitz Mode requires lightning reflexes and quick thinking.