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  Insaniquarium Tips and Strategies




·          Watch for your fish to turn green. You will only have a few seconds to feed them before they die.




·          You can tell when a fish is hungry by watching their movements. If you drop a pellet and a fish immediately heads in its direction, that fish is hungry.




·          Don't waste food if you can avoid it. Each piece of food costs you $5.




·          You can only drop one food pellet a time in the beginning. You have to wait for a fish to eat the food, or you have to wait until the food disappears at the bottom of the tank before you can drop another food pellet.




·          Drop food pellets from the top center to help concentrate where the coins fall. This will help to keep the fish in the center of the tank which will keep you from having to collect scattered coins.




·          Produce Carnivores and they will in turn produce diamonds, which are worth $200 each.




·          Feed your Carnivores by buying or producing Guppies.




·          Direct aliens into corners by blasting them with your laser. Hit them on the left side to move them to the right. Hit them on the top to move them down, and so on.




·          Buy Star Potions and then feed them to your larger fish. They will turn yellow and start dropping stars. Buy Starcatchers to catch the stars. They will in turn produce diamonds.




·          Buy upgrades to your laser for more devastating attacks on aliens.




·          Some aliens can be destroyed by a laser; others can be destroyed by overfeeding them.