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Clear colored spheres in a quest for treasure!
Shoot orbs at snaking chains and make sphere-clearing, same-colored sequences. Clear evermore challenging boards as you close in on your quest to uncover Inca treasures. Beware the deadly skull!




Click Next Level to get rolling. Move the ball pad left or right to take aim. Left-click to shoot and create sphere-clearing sequences. Above all, keep your spheres clear from the skull!


Play Inca Ball free online!



Do a great job clearing spheres and get bonus balls! But, you can only unleash their powers if you catch them with the ball pad first.


Play Inca Ball free online!



At the end of a level, you’ll get a stats breakout. Try to better your performance in the next. You get up to three lives, or playthroughs, per level. Try not to use them!


Play Inca Ball free online!







Tips and Strategies








·          You can swap Inca balls, which allows you to play more strategically. Just scroll or left-click on the ball at the bottom of your screen, in the area below the ball pad.






·          Clear as many balls as you can as fast as you can to unlock bonus balls. Remember, you have to catch them with the ball pad in order to activate them and unleash their helpful powers.






·          The more balls you clear at one time the better your chances of clearing the board. While three spheres are the minimum, always try to match more whenever possible.






·          Double your sphere-clearing efforts! Here’s a likely the scenario: you’ve three red spheres preceded by two blues and then another red. In such cases, shoot a blue sphere from the ball pad to take out the blues, and in doing so, you’ll also take out those reds.






·          Always avoid letting any sphere enter the skull, as you’ll automatically lose a life and have to restart that level.