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Find hidden shapes in a colorful kaleidoscope!
Vibrant squares, circles, and diamonds dance before your eyes. Can you find the right shapes before time runs out? Play hide-and-seek across a variety of visually stunning levels.




You will be shown a shape at the start of each level. Click matching shapes to clear them from the board.


Play iFind free online!



If you choose the wrong shape, you get a 15 second penalty.


Play iFind free online!



Click the hint icon for help finding your next shape. Click power-ups for bonus points or extra time.


Play iFind free online!




Tips and Strategies




·          Don’t be distracted by new shapes popping on screen. It’s easy to lose track of the shapes you need to find.




·          Try to focus on one area of the screen at a time. At higher levels, shapes can be small and tough to see.




·          If you’re stuck, click a Hint power-up. The power-up will show all the hidden shapes on the board.




·          Click the hour glass power-up to get a 30-second bonus.




·          Wait to use the X power-up until you see several shapes. That way you will earn the most bonus points.