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  Ice Breaker Tips and Strategies




·          You must make a clean cut in the ice to free your Viking. Point to where you want to start your cut and then click and drag your mouse. The line must remain white. Whenever it turns red, you must begin your cut again.




·          You can never cut across or into a Viking. When you do this, the cut fails.




·          Sometimes a Viking remains stuck in the ice after they’re in the longboat. When this happens, let the captain do most of the work, so you make as few cuts as possible.




·          You get 30 cuts per level. The less cuts you use the higher your score.




·          You’re not racing against a clock, so review each level’s map and plan before you make a move. If you lose crew, that’s deadly for them and you!




·          Beware of rats, runes, and water. Contact spells curtains for your Vikings.




·          If your rescue is about to crash and burn, click the Reset button to keep from the level from failing.