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Hop It!

Genre: Puzzle

Jump into the challenging world of Hop It!

What do you get when you combine colorful wobbly pieces, sparkling gems, and ticking bombs? The answer of course is Hop It! – the ultimate jumping puzzle experience! Hop pieces either horizontally or vertically to clear them from the board. Your goal is to leave only one piece remaining at the end of a level! With Simple, Challenge, and Puzzle modes, Hop It! offers plenty of non-stop fun for new and pro players alike.

Click on a piece to select it, then click to hop either horizontally or vertically over adjacent pieces. If you can hop to a new tile, it will turn green; if not, it will be red.

Clear as many pieces as possible, earning bonus points for gems. But watch out for bombs: you’ll lose a life for every bomb left at the end of a level.

Simple mode is an easy way to learn the game. Challenge mode is faster paced, with more bombs. Puzzle mode challenges you to clear an entire board of pieces.