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HighRise Poker Solitaire

Genre: Card & Board

Think fast… and sideways!

Flip over each card in turn, and place them on the board, but remember: every row and column is a poker hand.  With only five minutes on the clock, you’ll need to use every cell on the board – and every trick in the book – to score big. The stakes are high. The pressure is on.

Can you deal?

Your current card is visible in the lower left. Click any one of the five columns; the card will be placed in the lowest empty cell of that column. Place more cards in turn to build the best possible horizontal or vertical poker hand.

Once you have placed a full column or row of five cards, click “Submit” to remove and score them. Careful, though, submitting a zero-point row or column will lock it until the next round!

If the entire 52-card deck is dealt before you reach the target score, you may freely move any cards that remain on the board to better positions before submitting them.