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  Hexic® Tips and Strategies




·          Create clusters lower on the board, that way you have a better chance of creating cascading clusters from the tiles that fall to fill in the gaps.




·          To create a starflower, make a ring of same-colored tiles around a single tile. The ring of same-colored tiles will disappear and the single tile in the center will turn into a starflower.




·          Form clusters using bonus pieces for extra points.




·          Bonus pieces do not have to be the same color in order to create a cluster.




·          Make a cluster using three same-color bonus pieces and the bonus pieces will disappear, along with every tile each of the bonus pieces is touching.




·          Clear bombs first! When a bomb appears, waste no time in clearing it from the board.




·          To clear a bomb, look for clusters to can clear anywhere below the bomb. Your goal is to put the bomb in position next to two same-colored tiles so you can form a cluster.




·          Create a cluster of same-colored pieces using a bomb and at least one bonus piece to remove all pieces of that color from the board.




·          Avoid letting your starflowers drop to the bottom of the board or you will have difficulty using them to create black pearls.




·          Start making flowers early, since it is easier in the earlier levels when there are fewer tile colors.




·          Look for same-colored tiles that are forming a partial flower, and then maneuver other same-color tiles into place to create a complete flower.




·          Don’t create clusters beneath the flower you are trying to create or the flower tiles will fall out of position and you will have to start over.




·          Create a cluster or a flower using black pearls to win the game!







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