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Joe Andrews Hearts Articles




Joe Andrews, Hearts expert and author of the books The Complete Win at Spades and The Complete Win at Hearts writes regular articles on Hearts, providing strategies, tips, advice, and more.





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December 2005
Get the answers to last month’s holiday quiz.




November 2005
Learn a fun, new variation of Hearts and take part in Joe’s annual holiday quiz!






October 2005
Joe files a report from the Grand World Series of Hearts and takes a step-by-step, in-depth look at one of the tournament’s top plays.






September 2005
Tired of cursing your bad luck, or always blaming a poor hand? Learn two new variations of Hearts to help you hone your card skills.






August 2005
How random are random deals? Is there really such a thing as "bad cards" or only "bad play"? Joe examines how the cards play out, and what you can do to improve your odds.




July 2005
Is Hearts a "Team" game (of sorts), or is the objective to avoid taking in point cards, regardless of the results? Joe looks at the age old topic of "aiming for the Low Man".




June 2005
Ever since the 1960’s a card game called Barbu has been gaining popularity across the USA. Joe takes a look at this multi-level game, and its relationship to the classic Hearts.




May 2005
Last month we covered a variant of Hearts that can be enjoyed with a couple of extra players; this month, we’re taking a look at Three-Handed Hearts, the perfect game when you’re short a seat!




April 2005
Time for part three of the Hearts Variations feature: Six-Handed Hearts! Don’t worry; you don’t have to be an insect in order to play. All you need is a second deck of cards, and two extra players…




March 2005
For March, Joe announces the winners of last month’s puzzler, along with the solution. And for those who want a new level of challenge, or at least a fun evening with friends, we also have an explanation of Cancellation Hearts!




February 2005
We’re going backwards this month -- or possibly a bit behind, or maybe getting turned around -- as Joe takes a critical look at the variant called Reverse Hearts.




January 2005
Joe answers a bit of reader mail, discusses aiming for the low man, and poses a classic Hearts conundrum.




2004 Column of the Month archive
Beginners and veteran Hearts players alike will find something helpful in Joe’s 2004 columns, from preventing a Moon Shot to successful passing, plus several fascinating sample hands.




2003 Column of the Month archive
Highlights of the year include several tips for beginners, a review of the Moon Shot, the Hideous Hog, the Hold hand and much more!




2002 Column of the Month archive
Highlights of the year include several tips for beginners, a review of hands and strategies such as the Rubin Maneuver, the Suicide Pass, the Phony Spade Queen Lead, and various quizzes and analyses!




2001 Column of the Month archive
Joe Andrews analyzes scenarios, presents an assortment of quizzes with answers, and continues in-depth analyses of a variety of plays such as the Spear Play. He also reviews the history of the game of Hearts and the official rules.




2000 Column of the Month archive
How should you handle the Queen of Spades? Joe Andrews reviews the Deprivation Play, the Phony Smoke, the Endgame, Hobson’s Choice and more in a year long collection of Hearts columns.




1999 Column of the Month archive
Read excellent excerpts from Card & Board expert, Joe Andrews’ books on Hearts. He reviews the Soderlund Squeeze, the Shaft, the Grand Exit, and how to plan and strategize.