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  Granny in Paradise Tips and Strategies




·          Watch out for the dogs, tiki men and any other enemies. Dig a hole to trap them but make sure you have enough time to dig before they reach you.




·          Walk to each of the planted flowers on the board to make them grow. Once you grow 100% of the flowers a bonus flower will appear. If you grow 100 flowers you get an extra life.




·          The more kitties you collect at one time the more points you get when you return them to safety.




·          Dig holes above hard to reach kitties to drop down and rescue them.




·          Use your tools wisely. In each round you may be supplied with umbrellas, watering cans, keys or transporters. This gear will help you retrieve all your kitties – especially the ones in hard to reach areas.




·          If you have rescued all your kitties on a challenging level, head for the exit instead of risking your life trying to grow all the flowers.






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