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Golf Solitaire

Genre: Card & Board

Less is more!

In the game of Golf, you want to complete the course with the fewest number of strokes. In the game of Golf Solitaire, you want to finish the round with the fewest number of remaining cards.

Silly plaid pants not required!

At the start of each game, seven stacks of cards are dealt onto the tableau. Remove as many of these cards as possible, by playing them onto the "waste" pile in the foundation.

Click the bottom card of any stack to move it to the foundation. Suit does not matter; however, the card's value must be one number lower or higher than the top card of the "waste" pile.

You have only two minutes to clear the whole tableau. If you run out of time (or out of cards in the "draw" pile), it's game over. Your final score will be equal to the number of cards removed!