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Less is more!

In the game of Golf, you want to complete the course with the fewest number of strokes. In the game of Golf Solitaire, you want to finish the round with the fewest number of remaining cards.

Silly plaid pants not required!




At the start of each game, seven stacks of cards are dealt onto the tableau. Remove as many of these cards as possible, by playing them onto the “waste” pile in the foundation.




Click the bottom card of any stack to move it to the foundation. Suit does not matter; however, the card’s value must be one number lower or higher than the top card of the “waste” pile.




You have only two minutes to clear the whole tableau. If you run out of time (or out of cards in the “draw” pile), it’s game over. Your final score will be equal to the number of cards removed!







  Tips & Tricks








·          Slow down! Yes, this game is timed, but you are more likely to run out of cards in the “draw” pile than to run out of time on the clock. So choose your moves carefully. Try to leave a variety of run-making options open as you remove cards from the tableau. Then, once you are about midway through the “draw” pile, you can just focus on removing as many of the remaining cards as possible.






·          There are only 52 cards (a single deck, minus Jokers) in a round of Golf Solitaire.  35 of those are dealt onto the tableau, which leaves only a limited pool of “draw” cards. Carefully plan the order of cards to be removed from the tableau, so that you can A) set up the longest possible runs, B) remove all Kings and Aces (see below), and C) preserve a variety of accessible card values, to best clear all buried cards out of each stack.






·          The deck does not “wrap around” from King to Ace, meaning that you cannot play a King on an Ace, or vice versa. An Ace may only be removed by playing it on a 2, so locate your Aces early and conserve 2s if they will be needed to remove a buried Ace.  Conversely, a King can only be removed by playing it on a Queen.  Try to leave enough Queens on the board to remove any buried Kings.






·          Try to avoid runs which remove only a limited variety of cards at a time, or you may not have enough of those cards left later, when you need to remove the remaining ones.  For example, removing all 3s and 4s at once, will limit your ability to remove a 2 buried further down the tableau stacks.