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Hit the green!
All the fun of an actual golf game but without the risk of sunburn and sore feet! Tee off and see if your aim is accurate! Are you pro enough to make par?




Use the target to aim your ball over the hole.  


Golf Challenge Game



Click the golfer to start the power meter. Click again to stop the swing at the power level you want. Click once again to control your accuracy. Stop it below the golf will create a straight shot.


Golf Challenge Game



Use the mini map to get a better idea of how to aim your ball. 


Golf Challenge Game





  Tips & Tricks






·          Make sure you don’t overpower your shots! You could end up in the rough!



·          Keep an eye on the height, especially when putting. 



·          Mother Nature is cruel! Watch that wind! It could really mess up your aim. 



·          The best club is selected for you but you do have the option to change it.