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Gluey 2

Genre: Puzzle

The blobs are back and better than ever!

Keep the blobs from brimming over the top of the container by clicking them away! The bigger the blobs, the better your score. Don’t get too click-happy though, you’re scored by leaving big blobs behind, too!

Click clusters of the same-colored blobs with eyes. The larger the cluster, the better your score! Try to create HUGE blob clusters! Each level has a required number of blobs you must eliminate!

Collect enough blobs to complete the level. But beware! The game is lost if blobs flow above the level top-line.

When blobs reach that level, the orange timer starts. Let blobs settle to help get them below the line.

Play as long as you can in the unlockable Survival level against the ever-increasing blob flow. Or, enjoy the Relax level to play the game at your own pace. Go back to any level to improve your total score at any time!