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   Glassez! Game Overview





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Colorful mosaics from clever puzzles!
Construct a colorful mosaic by placing pieces of glass in a matching shape. No piece of glass can touch more than one color. When you have completely filled in the mosaic, you’re ready to move on to a more complicated puzzle!




1. The tray will have a variety of shapes to place. Not all of them will fit inside the mosaic! If there are no pieces available, drag one to the trash and a new piece will appear. Don’t do this often—you lose points every time you trash a piece!


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2. Rotate a piece of glass by clicking your left mouse button. Rotate it until it looks like it will fit inside the mosaic.


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3. A piece will fit if the mosaic turns white underneath the piece of glass. Click the left mouse button to fit the piece into place.


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Tips and Strategies








·          The best way to rotate a piece of glass is to do so on the board away from the mosaic. You can sometimes mistakenly place a piece of glass while you’re rotating it, intending to fit it in somewhere else.






·          Larger pieces are more difficult to place as the mosaic fills in. Place larger pieces first so you don’t have to trash them later and lose points.






·          Before you trash a piece, pick it up and move it over the mosaic to ensure there’s no place that it will fit that you might have overlooked.