While reading through our mailbag, we can’t help but notice that many of your favorite games involve at least one of these three extremely different themes.  So with that in mind, here’s a roundup of the best and most zombie-infested, bacon-wrapped, and chocolicious games on our whole site!


Okay, in retrospect, we’re kind of wishing we hadn’t done this.  But there’s no turning back now...










“I just read this great science fiction story. It's about how machines take control of humans and turn them into zombie slaves... HEY! What time is it?? My TV show is on!” – Calvin

Note: this collection of games includes no hidden-object adventures.  You can’t hide a zombie.  They smell awful.









Zombie Trivia
Multiple choice, and every answer is “Braaaaains”?  Wait, that would be trivia for zombies.  This is trivia about zombies.  Shamble on in and test your grasp of zombie lore!!









Vampires Vs Zombies
It’s Farm Frenzy for the undead.  (No, we’re not kidding!)  Hire vampire minions to produce dangerous vegetables, then craft weapons and traps to battle the zombie apocalypse!










Plants Vs Zombies
As Crazy Dave would say, there’s “going green” and then there’s “going green and nasty”.  Plant an eco-friendly, zombie-hostile army to save the day!










Zombie Bowl-o-Rama
Quite simply, the most fun you’ll ever have defeating hordes of the undead with your favorite bowling ball.  Goofy shoes not required.










I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddon
Take aim at these brainless invaders... and at the clichés of popular phone games.  Your Vegendary Heroes must vanquish zombies, birds, and pigs alike, if you want to survive the night!







Hey, why are all those characters looking over to the left?  Is it because zombies are just plain sinister?










“Porkchops and bacon.  My two favorite animals.” – Homer Simpson

Note: no hidden-object adventures here either.  You can’t hide bacon.  It smells delicious.








Food A to Z Trivia
From apples to bacon, caramel to dumplings, all the way up to zesty zucchini ziti, here’s your chance to prove your knowledge of all things tasty!










Go whole-hog with this charming tale of a cute little pig collecting apples for his family.

(Hint: think of it as bacon backstory.)










Farm Frenzy
Tend your farm animals well, and they’ll reward you with eggs, milk, and delicious, delicious bacon.  Though we’re not sure how you manage to keep the pig afterwards...?










Burger Island
Sure, you could have a burger without bacon... but why would you want to?









Build-a-Lot Fairy Tales
Help the Big Bad Wolf establish a rustic town in the middle of the meadow, attract plenty of piggish residents, and – shall we say – “bring home the bacon”.







So what the UK calls “bacon”, they call “ham” in the USA?  But “bacon” in the USA is what they call “back bacon” in Canada, where what the USA calls “Canadian bacon” is just called “bacon”...?  And how does Kevin fit into all of this?

All the confusion is giving me a rasher.










“All you really need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Lucy van Pelt

Note: again, no hidden-object adventures here.  You don’t want to hide chocolate.  That’s how you get ants.








Candy of the World Trivia
We challenge you to take this whole quiz without catching a bad case of the munchies!  What’s your favorite sweet snack, and in which country was it invented?










Travel the globe in search of top-notch ingredients, fabulous fillings, and decadent new recipes. Build the most delicious trade empire ever!










The Great Chocolate Chase
Craft a custom collection of quality chocolates for your keen and quirky clients.












Cake Mania
Chocolate-frosted chocolate cake, with an extra layer of chocolate?  Yes, please!









Anna’s Ice Cream
Serve up the crème du la crème of creamy treats, in a variety of delicious flavors... although you know the others are just there to complement the best flavor of all.  Mmmmm, chocolate.







Did you know that chocolate was popular as far back as 1900 B.C.?  (We’re not sure why, though: the earliest versions were unsweetened.  Ick!)