You lead a busy life. You’re in a hurry. You want games that don’t waste your time. That’s why MSN Games has assembled these fast, fun games! Play any of these games in under five minutes!

Got five minutes? Got two? That’s all you need to take a whirlwind break!










These puzzling games deliver a one-two punch in quick succession – testing your brain power while you take on the timer! Need some pacey inspiration? Check out these speed demons!












Zuma’s Revenge
Shoot streams of balls as fast as you can to guide your agile amphibian to victory! Go froggy!













Puzzle Express
The Puzzle Express is leaving the station! Fill the trains to capacity – it’ll take some mighty fast thinking to make it all fit!














These games bring the action and don’t let up till they’re through. You’ll have to pick up the pace!

Now you know you’re fast – but how do you compare to these record holders?












Match fireworks to unleash Speed Chains, and go out in a blaze of glory!













Eggz Blast
You’ve got 90 seconds to smash as many eggs as possible. Get blasting and rule the roost!














Isn’t it great when you can find what you want fast?












Mahjongg Dimensions Blast
Match tiles as quickly as you can, and take Mahjonngg into another dimension!













Dismantle the pyramids to uncover ancient mysteries in this fast-paced concentration game!














The right word, no wait.

Because when you’re a quick study, it doesn’t take you long to make your move.












Word Search
Word search with a high speed twist – with only 5 minutes on the clock, how many puzzles can you solve?













Word Roundup
Can you lasso all the words in each category, and fast? The quicker you rustle up those words, the more points you’ll score!