A wedding is a celebration of love. It is the ceremony that unites two people together in life – a beautiful, joyous, and delightful occasion! Come share in the happiness with our wedding games.










You’ve met the person of your dreams, fallen in love and gotten engaged. Now it’s time to get serious!






Start planning your wedding on MSN Living Weddings.












Gem Shop
Match gems to make beautiful jewelry while you pick out the perfect ring.













Wedding Salon
The wedding starts in the salon where you pick out the dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, decorations, invitations, tuxedo… Now, where did you put that list?













Party Planner
A wedding is a special milestone in your life… but it’s also a fabulous party! Throw a blowout bash amid the fast-paced, frenzied fun!














The orange blossom is a traditional wedding flower; it represents happiness and fulfillment, because the orange tree flowers and bears fruit at the same time.






Go to Bing Maps and type “Florist” into the Search Bar to find a flower shop near you.









What better place to find flowers than in your own blooming garden?













Flower Paradise
Daffodil, dahlia, daisy – or forget-me-not, fuschia and phlox? It’s your wedding, so choose the flowers that express what’s in your heart.

















The very best part of the wedding – when you get to eat the cake!






Bake up some inspiration with Wedding Cake recipes on MSN Living.









Cake Mania 3
Serve scrumptious cakes to quirky customers and help Jill make it to her own wedding day!













Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe
A cupcake tower at your wedding is the height of fashion!

















A simple sweet will go down a treat when it comes to showing your guests you care.






Discover uniquely delightful ideas for wedding favors with Bing Search.









A candy memento is the perfect gift – personal, portable and delicious!













Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients
It’s a scientific fact that chocolate is the food of love – as if we needed a reason to indulge!

















Dum-dum-da-dum, dum-dum-da-dum… the echo of footsteps walking down the aisle; the sound of two hearts beating as one.






Wild about weddings? Check out the Wedding Obsessions Blog for all the nuptial nitty-gritty!












Sally’s Beauty Bundle
The glow of true love… There’s nothing quite like it, but if your look needs a little embellishment, Sally can help!













Wedding Dash
The race to the altar is on!













Dream Day Wedding Getaways Bundle
Who says you can only get married once? Enjoy three times the romance with three special days in three exotic locations.