Married?  Single?  “It’s complicated”?  No matter what your love status might be, we have the perfect game to keep you company, make you laugh, and even take home to meet your mother.

So find your status, make your choice, and fall in love with one of our favorite games!









Description: Single






Flying solo?  No problemo!  Treat yourself to a sweet indulgence, learn to break the ice, or just spend some good old-fashioned “me time” with a quick game of Solitaire.






Description: Sweetopia


Description: Ice Breaker


Description: Pyramid Solitaire


Description: Chocolatier 2 Secret Ingredients





Ice Breaker


Pyramid Solitiare


Chocoatier 2:
Secret Ingredients






(Blog time! If “Single” is your status, remember that your adorable pet makes a great conversation starter -  visit Off the Leash for ideas.)






Description: In a Relationship






Head over heels in love?  Celebrate your budding relationship, hum a sappy song, or even sneak off together for a weekend on the high seas.  Remember, every day looks brighter, every meal tastes better, and every game is more fun to play, when you’re with the one you love!






Description: Love Songs Trivia


Description: Papa's Taco Mia


Description: Flowerz


Description: Love Ahoy!



Love Songs Trivia


Papa’s Taco Mia




Love Ahoy!






(Blog time! If “In a Relationship” is your status, check out The Heart Beat for feel-good love stories and great tips.)






Description: Engaged






So, your Big Day is on the calendar, and you’re swamped with all the details?  Time for a game break!  Imagine a stress-free wedding, plan your ultimate honeymoon, choose the perfect jewel ... and defeat the Curse of the Ring!






Description: Wedding Dash


Description: Gem Shop


Description: Dream Day True Love


Description: The Curse of the Ring



Wedding Dash


Gem Shop


Dream Day True Love


The Curse of the Ring






(Blog time! If “Engaged” is your status, try Wedding Obsessions for all your planning puzzlements.)






Description: Married






Happily hitched to your sweetie?  Hooray for you!  Reminisce about your favorite snuggly films, dream of that romantic getaway, or relive the best day of your life.  Maybe it’s time to renew those vows – what a great excuse for a party!






Description: Paradise Island


Description: Romantic Movie Trivia


Description: Around the World in 80 Days


Description: Dream Day Wedding Viva Las Vegas



Paradise Island


Romantic Movie Trivia


Around the World
in 80 Days


Dream Day Viva Las Vegas






(Blog time! If “Married” is your status, tune in to The Married Chick for a shared laugh or two.)






Description: It's Complicated






Not quite married, not quite single, not quite easy to explain?  Don’t worry, your favorite games will never judge you, and neither will we.  But we do hope you’re not dating a vampire, gambling with someone’s heart, wondering whether to pack your bags... or trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!






Description: Dice Dice Baby


Description: Plants vs Zombies


Description: Pack This!


Description: Vampire Brides Love Over Death



Dice Dice Baby


Plants vs. Zombies


Pack This!


Vampire Brides:
Love Over Death






(Blog time! If “It’s Complicated” is your status, we’re not even going to try offering relationship advice. You get enough of that from friends and family. Instead, browse over to The Daily Dose for fascinating facts and offbeat news!)