Who can help feeling happy when summer vacation is here? There’s that special place – near or far – and you can’t wait to get away. Switch into vacation gear on MSN Games.










Heading out on the highway, going wherever the road takes you. Find the best places to refuel your ride with the Gas Price app on Bing Maps.












Pack This
Before you hit the road, you have to be prepared. Pack it low, pack it high, pack it narrow, pack it wide - by the time you’re finished you’ll be a packing expert. Just don’t forget your toothbrush!













Roads of Rome
This is the original road trip: create the path beneath your feet as you conquer the known world. You’re going to have something to write home about.













Bubble Town
All roads lead to… Bubble Town! (Didn’t expect that, did you?) Bubble Town, on the placid shore of Borb Bay, is a charming spot for a vacation. Breathe in the fresh air, stroll along the waterfront, and fire off some cannons!

















Swimming in the lake and roasting marshmallows around the campfire – you’re never too old for summer fun. Refresh your memory with the summer camp movie roundup on MSN – have you seen them all?












Wildlife Camp
This is a very special camp – you’ll be looking after lion cubs, giraffes, hippos and elephants. Make new friends (human and animal!), manage the sanctuary, and have the summer of a lifetime.













11am – Noon: Arts & Crafts. Today you’re at the quilting table. Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate puzzles, and stitch together the fun!













Campfire Legends Bundle
Sundown – time for spooky stories! Draw closer around the fire, and listen to two terrifying tales. Can you handle the horror of these hidden object adventures?

















Amusement parks are fun for families and thrill-seekers alike. Ride rollercoasters on the cheap with the Penny Pincher’s theme park guide on MSN.












Amusement Park
You’ve just inherited your very amusement park. Let’s get started building it into the best park in the world! Construct the biggest rides to attract the most customers. Will you end up a Funfair Flop, or become a Midway Mogul?













Step up, step up,
here’s your chance to practice your pitching! Get the ball rolling in Carniball (aka Skeeball), the arcade classic. Turn in your tokens and shoot for the high score.




















Passport? Check. Itinerary? Check. You’re off to see the world! Make your travel dreams a reality with Bing Travel.












Airport Mania: First Flight
You got to the airport in plenty of time. But what’s going on here? Air traffic control is swamped, and planes are getting backed up on the runway. Looks like you’re going to have to take charge so that our tour can depart!













Mah Jong Tiles
First stop on our whirlwind, worldwide tour – China. Trip highlights include: the Great Wall at sunset, the Terracotta Army of Xi’an, and Mah Jong in the People’s Square in Shanghai.













Next up, we’re going to Russia, land of cold snow, hot borscht and matryoshka dolls. In this ingenious puzzle game, line up your nesting dolls, then let them go – stack them high and watch them grow!