Remember the good old days, when “family dinner time” meant sitting on the couch, balancing those space-age foil trays of strangely glazed food on folding tables, and arguing over what to watch until Dad finally makes the decision for you?  Ahhhhh, good times!

Tune in for a fun-filled lineup for the whole family… and just like classic network television, it’s all free!










Put a tinfoil dome of Insta-Pop on the stove, let the dog out for the night, get the kids into their pajamas, and get ready for a very special episode of Weekly Movie Time!









Movie Matchup
It’s a Hollywood double feature! Play the memory game where you match glamorous pictures of your favorite stars. Click on the cards and find matching images before the Match Up Timer runs out. If you solve the puzzle in time, you’ll get a chance to see trailers from the latest blockbuster films!













Double Exposure
You’re not seeing double! Check out frames from fav films, like “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” from Universal. Look again… close up. Are they the same? Your role in this Hollywood production game is to find five differences in the frames. Wrap five rounds to screen a special scene!














Sometimes, you could watch an entire game show from start to finish while Dad was still trying to change the channel. Where did he put that remote?









Family Feud
On your mark… let’s start the Family Feud! Play the fast-paced survey game based on the hit game show. Can you guess the most popular answers to these zany survey questions? Get all the answers correct, and move on to the next round. But be careful not to strike out!













Wheel of Fortune
Spin the wheel, and pick a letter. Choose well, and you’ll reveal part of the board. Solve the puzzle without landing on Bankrupt, and you might win big money.

Come on, big money!














“Ewwww, Mom, do we have to finish it?”

Smart mothers knew the answer was “Don’t you want to grow up big and strong like Popeye?”

Really, really smart mothers opted for “I’ll bet you’ll eat that if I put cheese on it.”









Ranch Rush
Plant, pick, and carry your produce to the barn for delivery to customers. It sounds easy, but you'll have to be as quick as a greased pig to get your products grown and cashed in while facing pests, water shortages, mechanical breakdowns, and more. This is the most frenetic farm you can find!













Little Farm
The secret to running a great farm is to efficiently produce and harvest the highest demand crops. Carefully select the crops on your farmland that will give you the biggest return in the least amount of time and you’ll find that you’ve sprouted a bumper crop of fun!














Even the pickiest of TV dinner diners would dig right in, when the middle section contained a nice big piece of realistically formed minced chicken byproducts with breading and salty, salty gravy.  MmmmMMM!









Make as many words as you can from jumbled letters emblazoned on the chickens—and complete the puzzle grid as quickly as possible. Peck out enough words to fill the empty egg rack and you’ll move on to the next round. Can you rule the roost?













What’s on the floor of the old henhouse? A bunch of broken eggs! In this fast-paced fling-fest, you’ve got five minutes to clear as many levels as possible by hurling colored eggs and trying to reach the back wall of the chicken coop. It’s not just fun, it’s smashing!













Chicken Invaders 3
Those fowl intergalactic fiends are back to wreak havoc for a third time. It’s up to you to make sure it’s not a case of “third time lucky” for the avian aliens. Blast them out of the sky while avoiding their explosive eggs. Keep the earth safe for humanity, or the yolk will be on you!