When way too much is going on – and you just want to float away – take a break from it all with these free online games. Concentration plus relaxation equals active meditation. These games have been selected so that you can play for a few moments, enjoy the calming graphics and soothing music, and emerge refreshed, with a sense of achievement.

Need a little more R&R? Find free relaxing music, and learn how to bring balance into your life.













Patience is a virtue for a solitary state of mind.









Solitaire in Motion
A pack of cards has been scattered facedown in the pool of a fountain. It's your job to clear all the cards as they float past. Test your solitaire and memory skills in this new take on the classic card game.













Crescent Solitaire
Two decks of cards are scattered in a crescent, while four lonely Kings and four little Aces wait in the center to welcome the rest of their suit! Can you sort through this card-crescent confusion to return the decks to order?













Shape Solitaire
It’s like a jigsaw puzzle made of cards! Link the cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank, and fill in the shapes on the screen.














The hand and the eye are occupied, letting the mind lift free from its burdens.









Mystery of Shark Island
Stranded on a deserted island, it’s up to you to figure out how you got there. Roam the beach searching for clues and collecting artifacts in order to unlock the mysteries of a lost civilization.













Zen Gems
Relax...a gem of a puzzle is waiting... Solve the puzzles, recover the Medallions and save the Spirit Temple, all while discovering the beautiful mysteries hidden within.













Bejeweled 2
Play the game you love at your leisure in Classic untimed mode. The Bejeweled basics are the same. Swap two adjacent pieces to make matching chains of identical sparkling gems.














Is there anything more peaceful than a blossoming garden?









Tangled Gardens
Delve into underground mazes of beautiful flowers and plants. Plan your root network to link specific parts of the underground garden with the plant on the surface. You'll face different types of soil and a wide range of flowers.













Mahjongg Garden
Match beautiful tiles in a tranquil garden. Imagine yourself relaxing in a peaceful garden as you solve Mahjongg puzzles. Attain a state of perfect harmony as you match tiles decorated with geometric patterns, flowers and seasons.













How does your garden grow? Why, with butterflies and trowels, and matching colors all in a row! Plant beautiful flowerz, set up matches and cascades, and keep planning ahead to make your garden flourish round after round.














You deserve to take time for yourself – and it’s good for you too.









Solve jigsaw puzzles from the comfort of your own desktop. Jigsaw boasts a host of features that make solving puzzles easy and enjoyable. Choose from three new puzzles daily.













The Lost Inca Prophecy
Sift through ancient ruins for the shards of hope and prophecy. Each piece will bring you closer to uncovering the meaning of your dreams… Challenging match-3 missions are complemented by search-and-find puzzles, and an ever-unfolding story of mystery.













Picture Pieces
Oh, you just have to match the pieces to the image? That sounds easy but this puzzler is quite the challenge! You’ll need a sharp eye to place these pieces in the perfect position.