We at MSN Games play a lot of games, as you might expect. Of course, we have our personal favorites: the ones we’ll go back to play again because they tickle us just right and hold a special place in our hearts. Here are two games from four of us that we hope you’ll like, too!










MSN Games support guru and fashion diva Allibot spends her days building helpful how-to pages, testing games, and answering your letters. But on her coffee break, she surfs for hot new fitness tips, and plays these free web faves:









One of the world’s most popular Solitaire games, Freecell is a remarkable combination of strategy and simplicity. Can you beat the clock and win the game?

"A simple but challenging classic." - Allibot













Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
The puzzle classic returns with a new twist!  Just when you think you're stuck, you can rotate the cube to reveal more matches.

"The Time Bonus cube makes this a different game from the original Mahjongg Dimensions; also, I like purple." - Allibot














When ArtisanWoods is not bringing great new games to the site, she takes a break with one of these super-cute puzzlers, or visits Wonderwall to keep up with news on her favorite celebrities like Tom Hiddleston.









Slide rows and columns to make fuzzy Chuzzle clusters.

"Why do I like playing Chuzzle?  What’s not to like?  There are cute little creatures.  And if you tickle a Chuzzle long enough, he’ll sneeze all his fur off!"” – ArtisanWoods













Bookworm Adventures
Spell words, battle monsters, gather powerful relics, and use your lexical prowess to save the day!

“It’s much more challenging than just making words. You have to make them while outwitting monsters!” – ArtisanWoods














When she isn’t writing gameplay tips, assembling pages, or brewing odd-smelling pots of exotic tea, site editor Cindy_Lou_Grue can usually be found playing puzzle games and planning her next quest in Skyrim.









Jewel Quest
Explore mysterious jungle ruins full of glittering treasure and buried relics.

“The first match-3 game I really fell in love with, and still one of my all-time faves!” – Cindy_Lou_Grue













Spider Solitaire
Remove all the cards from the board, one full suit at a time. It’s challenging with two suits, downright fiendish with four!

“I blame my mum for this obsession. She plays it all the time too, so the Spider Solitaire craving must be genetic.” – Cindy_Lou_Grue














Twilight@MSN spends the day creatively programming MSN Games. When she takes a break, she usually plays a solitaire game, or checks the latest trends in home and fashion on MSN Living.









Ranch Rush
Plant, pick, and carry your produce to the barn for delivery!

"It's easy to learn, is quick paced, and has cute graphics. Plus the weekly Farmer's Market creates adds a new level of challenge and planning to the game." – Twilight@MSN













Fashion Solitaire (PC Download)
Create eight fashion collections and match them to models!

“This game combines solitaire and fashion, allowing me to design my own clothing lines while I play my game. So much fun!” – Twilight@MSN