Pocket-sized camera phones, self-driving cars, satellite radio, undersea trains, robots on Mars... movies animated with computers instead of paints, stored on shining discs by laser beam, and displayed in your living room on a TV screen so lightweight and flat you can hang it on the wall... online shopping, electronic payment, and overnight international shipment... fresh fruit and vegetables in the middle of winter... thousands of songs in one of your pockets and a hundred books in the other... automatic coffee makers and microwave ovens... unrestricted, 24-hour access to a billion amusingly captioned kitten photographs...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in The Future!  It’s only a matter of time before somebody invents the hyperspace engine, and sleek silver ships carry our civilization to the stars.  And in the meanwhile, we can dream...










Once upon a time, we thought the moon was made of cheese.  These days, we’re pretty sure it’s not, but it’s still fun to wonder how a grilled moon-cheese sandwich might taste.  If only you had a rocket, a spacesuit, a loaf of bread, and an electric griddle, you could go find out for yourself!

(Hmmm… would you have to use the “high altitude” instructions for that?)









Use your spaceship’s magnet to grab bricks from the descending wall, then launch them back to match and pop a group of four or more. If the wall hits the bottom of the screen, you’re done... but keep an eye on that “SUPA” Weapon meter. A full charge means a big kaboom (and a narrow escape)!













Mahjongg Dimensions
In the weightlessness of space, why play mahjong on a table? Explore a hidden dimension, and turn the classic tile-matching game into a spinning block of 3D cubes! Race against the timer by matching symbols on all sides of the block – the faster you go, the more points you get!










Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet
Blast off for adventure with Earth’s most wordiferous worm: Lex! Travel through time and out to the far reaches of space, all to help the brave bookworm spell his way to victory in this sci-fi finale to Lex’s grand and garrulous epic!














By current estimates, our universe contains something like 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.  Just looking at a number that size – and thinking that we, our planet and all the wonderful things on it are sitting in orbit around just one of those stars – it’s a good guess that somewhere among the remaining 299,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 is another sun with another livable world full of equally wonderful things.

Let’s go find it!









Revive a barren celestial wilderness by producing plants and creating species!  Help your creatures evolve, sell (or cook) their eggs, and advance the ecosystem of this strange new planet. Advanced terraforming technology = an out-of-this-world time management adventure!













Severe Incident
A routine cargo shipment crosses paths with a meteor field, and you crash on a beautiful but deadly planet.  Uncover the mystery of the inhabitants, discover new species of flora and fauna, and escape this hostile world... while you still can!










Tuber Versus the Aliens
Destroy alien solar panels to save the planet Tuberia in this strategic puzzle adventure!  Clear the battlefield, and make your world safe for anthropomorphic potatoes and game-loving rocketeers alike!














Alien life in outer space is one thing (a perfectly ordinary thing, from their point of view) but alien life coming to Earth, stealing our cows and scaring our goldfish... well, that’s something else entirely.  We don’t take kindly to livestock rustlers, alien or not!

It’s a good thing some of those extraterrestrial visitors are just here to build a few monuments...









As if feeding your fish and scrubbing the aquarium weren't enough, now you have to battle aliens!  Prepare to embark on the craziest action-puzzle adventure of your life: play now to unlock the secrets of this weird underwater world!













7 Wonders – Ancient Alien Makeover
Construct magnificent Wonders by swapping and matching colorful runes.  Unlock and collect the necessary materials – bricks, water, gems, landscape, and Alien Energy – in your quest to build all Seven Wonders... and perhaps discover an eighth!













Chicken Invaders 2
Why did the chicken cross the solar system? To seek revenge on humans, of course!  Protect the Earth from wave after wave of intergalactic vengeance-seeking poultry, or suffer the consequences.  It’s time to ruffle the feathers of these would-be invaders, by fair means or fowl!