The weather outside is frightful, and Jack Frost is feeling spiteful, but as long as there’s games to play, you can smile on this cold winter’s day!










Stoke the fire, settle into your comfiest chair, and enjoy a nice puzzle, a round of cards, or a good book. What better way to keep your toes toasty and your brain busy?









Play the world-famous party card game in solo or multiplayer mode! UNO™ is easy to learn but offers players plenty of twists and surprises – making it one of the most popular card games in the world.













Bookworm Adventures
He may be a little green worm, but he’s the only hero you need in a world of legendary, literary, lexically inclined villains. With your help, Lex will battle through a surplus of sticky situations, armed only with words, wit, and a few really sweet power-ups. Spell words to deal damage to your enemies: the longer the word, the faster they’ll fall!











Description: Play Jigsaw free online!


All the fun of real-world jigsaw puzzles, but you’ll never lose a piece! Choose from three new daily photos, select your difficulty level, pick the features you’d like, and relax with this classic game of perception and patience!














Mosaics, papercrafts, beaded jewelry… you can make all sorts of wonderful things when you have a snowy afternoon all to yourself.

(Don’t have any of the usual craft supplies? Check your recycle bin!)









Puzzle Inlay
Fill in the puzzles while creating your own dazzling designs!

Use the colorful pieces to fill in each unique puzzle. But don’t let the conveyor fill up or you’ll never get to complete your masterpiece!













Craft a crazy quilt of puzzle fun! Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate puzzles. Take your time, enjoy, even pour yourself a coffee… you’re not on the clock. Packed with piece-ful play, this game’s a stitch!













A colorful string of beads is flowing down a complex system of rails toward the end of the line—you must prevent the beads from falling off! Shoot a colored bead to match three or more beads. The more you destroy, the higher your score!














Sometimes, the best way to warm up on a cold day is to bundle up and get outside.  Once you’re done building the ultimate snow sculpture, you’ll be ready to throw off a few layers… and to barrage your friends with snowballs!









Farm Frenzy: Ice Age
Chill out in the North Pole with a frenzy of frigid farming fun! Help Scarlett repair her rundown property, whip up frosty treats, and breed penguins and other arctic animals! Hit the ice for time management mania!













Royal Envoy 2
The frozen villages of north Middleshire are falling apart! The King has commanded you to go there, rebuild the region and reclaim its former glory. Construct, repair, and upgrade houses, cottages, mills, and more as you return Middleshire to prosperity, one area at a time!













Yeti Quest – Crazy Penguins
Yeti and his best friends, the crazy penguins, live cozily in Antarctica, until one day when a terrible storm strikes. Now they need your help to lead them safely through the snowy dangers. Pull on your winter boots and get ready for an icy adventure with Yeti and his crazy penguin pals.














There’s nothing better after an afternoon of playing in the snow than sitting down in your own warm kitchen with a big bowl, plate, or mug of something fabulous.

What’s your favorite winter comfort food









Burger Rush
Help Heidi create the perfect burger by matching tasty toppings!













Papa’s Taco Mia
You can have tacos even when it’s not Tuesday. Begin with a few basic toppings then prepare for complexity to increase – it’s not too hard (shell) when you’re cooking with Papa!













Hot Dish
Warm up in the kitchen as you become a 5-star chef. Combine the right ingredients at the right time to create meals that please!