Winter is here – snow everywhere – which can only mean one thing…


When it comes to the frozen sports, you have to think huge – massive – epic. The bigger the better – or should that be the brrrr-ier? Then afterwards come in from the cold and refuel with the edible kind of snowball.













Strategy is the true test of a tournament of snowballs. Assume a position on higher ground, build your fortifications out of the materials at hand, and wait for your moment.









Ice Breaker
Don your Viking helmet, you are about to become a hero! Your task: free Vikings trapped in ice and return them safely to their longboat. Contend with Nordic rats, dodge killer runes, and accept help from buxom Viking maidens.













The Snow
Match-3 tokens to break a curse that has cast a frozen pall over a once warm and lush land!













Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age
Chill out in the North Pole with a frenzy of frigid farming fun! Help Scarlett repair her rundown property, whip up frosty treats, and breed penguins and other arctic animals! Hit the ice for time management mania!














There’s something about being out in the snow… The crisp air, the bright light – the only word for it is wonderful.









Fishdom: Frosty Splash
Cool off in an aquarium filled with frosty fun! Swap festive tiles to match three of a kind in a row or column. Use the money you earn to purchase new tropical fish, candy cane coral, or snow globes for your undersea winter wonderland!













Snow Globe – Farm World
Ever wondered how to raise geese, feed cows and make mayonnaise in other worlds?













2 Planets: Fire and Ice
Experience 2 Planets Ice and Fire: quite possibly the fastest match-3 game ever! Solve the more relaxed levels presented to you on the ice world or accept the challenge of the timed mode on the Fire Planet.














Stack ‘em high, top to bottom – the great thing about a snowball fight is that you don’t need to call in reinforcements. You can build them yourself!









Royal Envoy 2
The King has commanded you to go to Middleshire to rebuild the land and reclaim its former glory. Construct, repair, and upgrade houses, cottages, mills, and more as you return Middleshire to prosperity, one area at a time!













Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition
The winter came, but wily beetles are hungry for vengeance. They are ready to pay any price to ruin Christmas for the garden dwellers!













Living Legends: Ice Rose
Novelist Edward Grand has found evidence of an intriguing mystery. Scour frozen landscapes and thaw out important locations as he explores the Castle of Ice Queen.














The tides have turned in this battle – it’s time to implement your escape plan (i.e. head back to the house for hot cocoa). The only question is how to move out: walk, ski, snowshoe, or take a ride in the original snowmobile?









Yeti Quest: Crazy Penguins
Yeti and his best friends, the crazy penguins, live happily on an undiscovered island in the middle of Antarctica, until one day when a terrible storm buries everything in a thick layer of snow and ice. Pull on your winter boots and help Yeti and his pals save their island home!













Nancy Drew®: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Is a white wolf connected to sabotage at the Lodge, or is it warning the residents of bigger danger? It’s up to you, as Nancy Drew, to uncover the secrets before someone leaves you out in the cold!