We made it!  12/21/12 has been and gone, without a single comet impact, polar inversion, sinking continent, alien invasion, supervolcano, Godzilla attack, zombie outbreak, or mass mutation of Chihuahuas into ferocious (if tiny) man-eating wolf packs. 

Hands up, everyone who is really relieved right now.   Okay, hands up, those who weren’t sure what to think.  And hands up, everyone who wasn’t worried at all.

So now that we all have our hands up, let’s wave them to the music and party like it’s Mayan New Year!













A good party has snacks and music. A great party has snacks, music, and party favors! And the ancient Mayans knew how to throw a great party.  If you were being honored at one of those parties, you might be looking forward to gifts!  Well, okay, gifts of feathers.  Or seeds.  Or perhaps a pinch of salt.

Since that’s no fun, we’re going to plunder the king’s treasure room for our party favors.  Gold and jewels for everyone!









Jewel Quest
Ooo, are those emeralds?  And sapphires?  And masks carved from turquoise?  Wait, are those diamonds?  Best... party favors... ever!  Explore mysterious jungle ruins full of ancient artifacts and buried relics. But prepare to think fast and act carefully, because it takes more than luck to claim the Mayan gold.













Jewel Quest Solitaire
Sometimes you have to play your cards right to get invited to a shindig with party favors.  And here they are!  Match card suits to make gold as you unearth buried cards, avoid cursed jewels, and solve more than 100 layouts on your trek through the South American jungle. Riches and glory are in the cards!













Sudoku Maya Gold
So what’s in the party “swag bag” for those who prefer playing with numbers to making matches or flipping cards?  Embark on a sudoku-filled quest for Mayan gold, and see for yourself!  Puzzle your way through ten ever-changing levels on your adventurous hunt for hidden treasures.














Everybody loves a good New Year’s Ball, and what better excuse to celebrate than the end of an entire calendar cycle and the start of a new one?  To the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, “party like it’s 1999” would have been “party like it’s 12-21-12”!

Of course, while some aspects of a Mayan New Year’s Ball would have been the same as ours – big crowds, lots of food, everybody dressed up in their finest clothes – the “ball” part was a bit more literal.  Whether they were Mayan, Incan, Toltec, Aztec, everybody loved a good ceremonial ball game!









Creeping like the great snake Quetzalquatl, colored balls spin steadily toward the abyss. You must stop them! Shoot balls from the frog’s mouth into groups of the same color to make them disappear. Fill the Zuma meter to block new spheres from joining the chain, then clear the rest to win!













Zuma's Revenge
Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land. Fire stone spheres to make matches, and destroy the deadly stream of balls as you guide your agile amphibian to victory! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle in this cluster-busting challenge?













Inca Ball
Shoot orbs at snaking chains to make sphere-clearing, same-colored sequences. Conquer ever-more-challenging boards as you close in on your quest to uncover the Inca treasures.

(But beware the deadly skull!)







(Of course, the penalties for cheating in a real Mayan ball game were a bit stricter than you might expect. Also, the skull of the losing team’s captain tended to become the next game’s ball. You may think professional team sports are violent now, but in Mayan times, they were the Pitz!)










Luckily, our modern party games are unlikely to involve high-velocity impacts and special protective gear.  (Or human sacrifice, though we’ve probably all been tempted after somebody wins eight consecutive rounds of Great Dalmuti.)  For our small friends-and-family parties, we like card games or board games.  For kids’ parties, there’s charades, musical chairs, or – if you’re an especially awesome parent – maybe a piñata.  And for formal parties... um... well, there’s... wait...  Hmm.  No wonder formal parties aren’t much fun.

Anyway, for those grand and chaotic shindigs where all are invited and everybody brings a plate of homemade goodies, where sugar-fueled kids rocket in and out so often that nobody bothers closing the door, where you can’t even hear the music over all the laughter and conversation – you know, the really good parties – there’s only one perfect party game: the scavenger hunt!









Column of the Maya
Solve an ancient mystery while exploring perilous jungles and Mayan ruins! Help a young archeologist navigate burial chambers, in a quest to save her grandfather and outwit ancient spirits.

...not to mention the handsome relic hunter hot on her trail...













Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics
Seek-and-find meets search-and-rescue when Jennifer’s father disappears in Mexico.  Now she, and you, must search the ransacked remains of his archaeological dig site, and solve the mystery of the last sacred Mayan calendar. Can you retrieve the broken fragments from their guardians?  Should you?













The Lost Inca Prophecy
Sift through ancient ruins for the shards of hope and prophecy! Each piece will bring you closer to uncovering the meaning of your troubling dreams… and to saving the Inca civilization.  Hidden-object and match-3 puzzles complement an ever-unfolding story of mystery and menace. Can you thwart this prophecy of doom?