Yarrrrrrrrrrh, me mateys! Tis a glorious day to hoist the colors, polish our hooks, and teach that shoulder-squab a few salty songs. Be ye buccaneer, corsair or privateer, swashbuckling cap’n or buckle-washing swab, ye can be proud to be a pirate!










Be it a plain scrap of pitch-blackened sail or a grinning skull and bones, the merest glimpse of a pirate’s mark should make yer enemies freeze with terror. Use Bing News to scan the horizon for trouble.







Pirate Trivia
Think ye know a pirate from a parrot, or a porthole from a poop deck? Prove yerself quick with buccaneer lore, and win a bigger share of the booty!



Fairy Island
Some rusty-hooked scallywag’s been trapping fairies in a grog bottle! Match and break blocks to spring the wee winged wenches from their crystal brig.










Captain Bubble
Beard’s Treasure

Set sail for a tale of pirate’s plunder, bubble-blasting, and meddlesome merchant monkeys. Wait… monkeys?



Ikibago: The
Caribbean Jewel

Weigh anchor and catch a tradewind to the tropics. We once heard tell of a sea just brimming with barrels of loot!










Why, ye ask, did pirates bury their treasure? Because no cap’n ever cried, “Raise the mainsail, ye rancid bilge rats, and make for port! I need to start a 401k!” Be ye searching for a treasure map of yer own? Chart yer course to plunder management with MSN Money.







Robinson Crusoe
& the Cursed Pirates

Ye’d best tack away from voodoo curses, unless the plunder be too good to miss!



If ye’re searching for fortune and fame, love and loot, fellow corsairs and spirits of the ghostly sort, this be yer game.










Pirate Mysteries
Avast! Where be all these curses coming from? And shipwrecks? And monkeys? Here, ye’ll face all three.



Written Legends:
Nightmare at Sea

Lose the eyepatch and ask yer parrot for help – ye’ll need a keen gaze and clever wit to escape the briny deep!










Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest, yohoho and a lot of speculation about why he didn’t just buy a sofa. Seat yer own shipmates on something comfy, with Home Décor guides on MSN Living.







Royal Envoy
Fail to help a pirate in need, me matey, and ye risk the Black Spot curse! A smart royal lackey knows it’s best to rebuild Pirate Island.



Treasure Hunt
What do ye call a land-locked pirate who traded his hook for a nice little ship in the suburbs? “Beuford”, apparently. But at least he left you the loot!










Jewel of Atlantis
There be more than just the bones of ships and men at the ocean’s silent floor. Legend tells of glittering gems in the fabled halls of Atlantis!



Boulder Dash:
Pirate’s Quest

The only thing a buccaneer craves more than plunder be even more plunder! And here be all the plunder ye can grab.










There’s not a sea-dog worth his grog that doesn’t know of Davy Jones. True, he never scaled the rigging or furled a mizzen, but he did croon a catchy tune. Sing along with Davy on Bing Music.







Tradewinds 2
A sea-merchant’s life be often plagued by greedy, ruthless, plundering scum. (Though they may just wish to give ye a royal pirate-hunting command.)



Pirate Poppers
Load yer cannons, me hearties, and fire away!  But beware the end of the line… there be room for one more in the Locker if yer aim is less than true.










Cannon Blast
Can ye think faster than a flying cannonball, matey? Gold and jewels await the clever -- a pirate’s blade awaits the rest.



Tradewinds Classic
There’s a fortune to be won or lost on the high seas, be ye cap’n enough to sail them and merchant enough to profit!