It’s a wide, wide world filled with all kinds of different people, each with their own unique traits and values. Find out your own personality type with Bing Search.

Do you thrive on excitement? You might be a Performer. Are you usually calm and self-reflective? You could belong to the Scientist or Idealist types. The Judge type has a knack for settling disputes, while the Nurturer knows how to make a happy home. The Artist and Mechanic types always try to make something beautiful or useful – and the Executive always finds a way to be in charge.

Your personality type is the key to unlocking your best self. Your type can tell you what career to pursue, who your most compatible romantic partner is, and even how to live your life. Most important of all, once you know your personality type… you can play the games made just for you!












Performer – You’re an extrovert who loves putting on a show. Lucky you’ve got the talent to back it up! These games engage your senses and delight your outgoing nature.








A pyrotechnic pageant!
These shooting stars unleash Speed Chains, to trigger Super Sparks, to go all out in a blaze
of glory!



Nancy Drew Dossier:
Lights, Camera, Curses!

As Nancy Drew, go undercover
on a Hollywood movie set. Is it
a case of film sabotage – or the curse of a fallen movie star?












Scientist – You spend your days observing measurable phenomena and finding solutions to complicated problems. We can count on you to excel at math, science and logic games.








Match 10
Build chains of colorful
digits, adding your way across the board. Your new match is a perfect 10!



The Microbie Story
The villainous virus Barbadoom has spread all over the lab, infecting the healthy microbes! Help G. microbe defeat the virus
in clever logic battles.












Mechanic – You just need a toolbox, a workbench and your own two hands to be happy. You’ll get a kick out of building complex structures – or smashing them! – in these physics-based games.








Rubble Trouble
Join the wrecking crew! Use explosives, rockets, cannonballs, and even a helicopter wrecking ball to demolish buildings in record time.



Tower Builder
Scale mountains, build stone towers, and overcome obstacles
to help Pebble make it
back home in this exciting
building game!












Artist – Sensitive to beauty in the world, you also have the gift of artistic creation. Discover new sources of inspiration in these crafty and colorful games.








You’ll need an artist’s eye
and a steady hand to piece together these colorful patches and solve increasingly intricate puzzles.



Artist Colony
Painters, sculptors & musicians band together to restore an art colony. Unveil the drama in this masterpiece of love, genius and betrayal – and art.












Executive – Organized, efficient, and in control. It doesn’t matter what challenges you face – when you’re around, things get done! Climb to the top and master the world in these enterprising games.








Cradle of Persia
Coins, lumber and dynamite are the materials with which to grow your village. Expand your mighty empire in the forbidding desert!



Restaurant Empire
Starting with a little cash
and a big idea, build your
business from the ground up! Create an edible empire while
living the gourmet’s dream.












Nurturer – Warm, kind-hearted and responsible, you always look for the best in things. These games will ask a lot from your caretaking talents, but we know you can be trusted.








Joe needs your help to save his ranch! Sell fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, flowers, eggs and honey, and breathe new life
into the farm.



Wildlife Camp
Look after a nature reserve filled with lion cubs, baby giraffes, elephants, zebras and more!
Raise your animals right, and they’ll be happy campers!












Judge – You honor rules and traditions, and believe there are two ways of doing things – your way, and the wrong way. These two games call on you to lay down the law.








A Series of
Unfortunate Events

That dastardly Count Olaf is at
it again! Examine the clues to save these poor orphans
before it’s too late.



Mahjongg Investigations
As a Metro City detective, use
your Mahjongg skills to find clues and bring criminals to justice. Match information and question suspects to close the case.












Idealist – Ideas for making the world a better place come as naturally to you as breathing. See what new possibilities appear when you play these games with a conscience.








Paradise Quest
A tiny Galapagos island stands on the brink of collapse. Collect the wilderness fragments to repair the island’s ecosystem!



Word Power:
The Green Revolution

Be a green hero in this progressive word game! Solve word puzzles to provide cities with clean power. Viva la Verde!