You want puzzles? We got puzzles!

Puzzles so peculiar, pithy and piquant they’ll give you pause. Persevere as you pore over these posers. You’ll presently pierce the problem and pry out the perfect solution. Puzzle away!










Will you meet your match in this mixed up world?









In this evolution of the match-three style, you must build groups of dolls which are identical in both color and size… but each match creates a larger doll, which can’t be matched until you make two more!










Fruit Lockers
Double your fun with Fruit Lockers, an exciting twist on the popular match-three puzzler! Swap colored lockers to open them, then swap and collect the fruit. If eating fruit is good for your body, then playing with it must be great for your brain!










It’s magical match-3 gaming when you visit a magic laboratory to unlock the legend of the Philosophers Stone. Mount the tower to wake the sleeping elements and solve the age-old mystery of alchemy!










Mozaki Blocks
Use colored pieces to create a path from the center to their same-colored walls. Complete the required number of connections in time to advance to the next level.














Scattered pieces make for scintillating puzzles and musical inspiration.









Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 4
Bend your brain in this addictively fun puzzle game. Clear all the blocks from the screen. But, you’re only able to clear three or more same-colored blocks at a time. Easier said than done, but so much fun!










Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep
The people of Atlantis face impending doom once again. With the help of beautiful mermaids, search for Power Crystals, hidden in ancient underwater ruins. Find the Crystals in this innovative physics-based marble dropper!










Puzzle Inlay
Fill in the puzzles while creating your own dazzling designs! Use the colorful pieces to fill in each unique puzzle. But don’t let the conveyor fill up or you’ll never get to complete your masterpiece!










World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages
Restore great civilizations in this long-awaited sequel! Use your wits to tackle new interesting and vivid riddles. Travel from the high mountains of Tibet to the forbidding Great Wall of China in this fascinating new adventure!














Care to cut the deck? These cards conceal cunning capers!









Addiction Solitaire
All the cards are laid out—then the Aces are removed. You must rearrange all the cards so they line up nice and orderly, but only by moving one card at a time using the blank spaces to your strategic advantage!










Golf Solitaire
In the game of Golf, you want to complete the course with the fewest number of strokes. In the game of Golf Solitaire, you want to finish the round with the fewest number of remaining cards. Tee off!










Wonderland Solitaire
Stop the evil Sorcerer from taking the throne of Wonderland! This charming story progresses through ever more challenging Solitaire puzzles.














From time immemorial, magic has intermingled with math.









Match 10
Build chains of colorful digits, adding your way across the board. Each chain may have no more than 10 numbers, and must equal the number 10! You can start and end anywhere you like, but remember: your score for each move is the number you create.










Sudoku Maya Gold
Embark on a Sudoku-filled quest for Mayan gold! Puzzle your way through ten ever-changing, treasure-laden levels!