Red skies at night: sailor’s delight.  Red skies at morning: sailors take the day off, stay safely at home, and play ocean games.”

At least, we’re pretty sure that’s how the old saying goes.

Fair weather or foul, high seas or low tide, landlubber or crusty cap’n – on any sea you choose to sail, these full-featured download games are guaranteed to float your boat!










“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day.  Give a man a fishing game, and he’ll eat whatever’s in the fridge without bothering to heat it up first, because he’s having way too much fun to stop playing.”

A net or a line, a boat, and some bait; it seems like a perfect recipe for relaxation.  They say the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working, but what if your job is to fish?  Sample a couple of piscine professions, and see for yourself...









Fishing Craze
Crisscross the country and cast your line in a series of tournaments that will put your angling prowess to the test. Catch fish to earn points and climb to the top of the Amateur, Pro, and Elite circuits!













Farm Frenzy - Gone Fishing
After discovering a pond on her new island farm, Scarlett must raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never-before-seen products! Help her to upgrade her facilities, fend off bears, and trade goods across land and sea!














“A rising tide lifts all boats, except the ones that were sunk by storms, cannonballs, or really bad navigation.”

Gold, jewels, pieces of eight, doubloons and ingots and priceless historical relics – how much treasure still waits to be discovered on the ocean floor?  Though most salvage ships only pursue the more modern sort of misadventurous vessels, every captain, crewman, and ten-year-old child dreams of finding that sunken galleon full of fabled loot!









Mystery of the Missing Brigantine
Jack Haniken, a young aristocrat and collector, and his friend Elizabeth go missing while searching for sunken treasure.  Now you must help their faithful friends Natasha and Thompson track them down in this hidden object puzzle adventure!













Nat Geo Adventure - Ghost Fleet
Embark on National Geographic explorations of breathtaking undersea shipwrecks!  Travel the world to solve the hidden object mystery of your missing father.  Utilize real life diving equipment and techniques to help reveal clues along the way!














“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because cargo companies will not accept an unsecured load.”

Across the lake or around the world, the mighty steel workhorses of the shipping world carry everything we need and want.  Eggs?  No problem.  The average chicken egg weighs about two ounces, which means eight eggs weigh one pound.  There are 2000 pounds in a ton, and even a mid-sized cargo ship can haul 50,000 tons, so if you live in Australia and happen to love Rhode Island Red eggs, congratulations, you can cook up an 800,000,000 omelet!

Of course, the trick is packing them so you don’t end up with egg soup halfway across the Atlantic.









Ocean Express
Perfectly pack puzzle pieces, then cruise the coast with your colorful cargo aboard the Ocean Express. Strategically upgrade your fleet and unlock new cities as you earn more cash. Even create your own puzzles!













Tradewinds Legends
Sail, trade and battle alongside the legendary hero Sinbad in a magical, mythical version of the Far East. Build a fleet of ships armed with arcane weaponry, to carry your exotic goods to far-flung ports of call. Enter a world of danger and intrigue in this latest Tradewinds installment!














“Dead men tell no tales.  Except zombie pirates; those guys can be pretty chatty.”

Some of the best maritime legends are... let’s say “spirited” tales, full of spectral ships and cadaverous crews, fated to sail the seas until the end of time.  Ghost ships ride the memory of ancient storms, creaking in the dark and the fog as their tattered sheets catch the phantom wind.

Are you brave enough to weigh anchor on a moonless night, and search for these vanishing vessels?









The Flying Dutchman - In the Ghost Prison
Challenge the pirate crew of this legendary ghost ship!  After surviving a shipwreck, you've found yourself onboard the Flying Dutchman.  Now you must defeat them in match-3 battles to win gold and pay your way home.













Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship
Help Edwina unlock the hidden secrets of the Aurora Dusk, her grandfather’s spooky treasure ship!  A decade after vanishing in stormy seas, the ship mysteriously reappears.  Embark on a hidden object adventure to reveal clues and lost riches!