Have a ghoulish time with these fun games. Grab sweet treats, a crazy concoction, turn on your computer, and stay up all night long! And don’t forget to play this song: He did the mash/He did the monster mash/The monster mash/It was a graveyard smash…










Everyone deserves a night on the town, but when these ghastly creatures party, they leave behind chaos and destruction. At least, the fiends left their little ones at home…









Night of the Scarecrows
Defend your village from invading scarecrows in this fast-paced, matching game!










Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
Blast graveyard goons into the gutter with your bowling skills!










Daycare Nightmare
Care for baby vampires, dragons and other cute little monsters while their parents are out.














What is bubbling in that bowl? Is that dry ice, or did your nutty uncle spike the punch again? Maybe you should avoid those drinks and try creating some of your own with these fun games.









Magic Match: The Genie's Journey
Match and gather magical components for your magical brews before the time potion runs out!










Yummy Drink Factory
Manage a fairy tale drink factory. Create sweet concoctions to serve to your favorite fairytale clientele.














At one time, people used magic and science to explain the physics of the earth, just like in these games. Now, anyone can try scientific experiments in a kitchen, like mixing baking soda and vinegar to create a volcanic-like reaction or use other ingredients to create something crazy and fun!









Mah Jongg Age of Alchemy
Match tiles with the symbols for gold, crystal, water and other elements to work your magic in the alchemist’s lab.










Evil Masterminds 4-in-1 Bundle
Immerse yourself in the worlds of Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Uncover hidden objects and investigate these masterminds.














Daylight is still a few hours away, and the graveyard shift, night owls, club kids, and vampires are the few that are still awake. Try playing one of these after party games, and enjoy them with a late night snack!









The Happy Hereafter
Guide the newly dead and use your skills to help them build an afterlife for themselves and their fellow lost souls.










Appraise the old vampire haunt, as you uncover hidden objects in Malgrey Castle and to unlock its inhabitants secrets.










Amelie’s Cafe: Halloween
Cater to costumed guests, while you cook up a storm of ghoulish Halloween fare!