Come for the gold, the treasure, the pyramids, the adventure, the frogs!  But stay for the games!

Looks like those
Mesoamerican folks have gathered up an empire-sized collection of fun-filled puzzles, mysteries, and quests for your entertainment.  Are you up to their challenge?









Whether it’s being collected, hidden, or stolen, treasure features BIG in Mesoamerican culture. As big as a pyramid, in some cases.  See how you can help explorers make discoveries and unlock mysteries while having fun at the same time!








The Treasures of Montezuma Ultimate Pack
Get all 4 thrilling Treasures of Montezuma games in one fabulous bundle! The Treasures of Montezuma Ultimate Pack contains all the fast and furious match-3 jewel smashing excitement you could ask for! Hundreds of levels and hour upon hour of exciting match-3 action await you with this magnificent package!






Sudoku Maya Gold
Embark on a Sudoku-filled quest for Mayan gold! Puzzle your way through ten ever-changing levels on an adventurous hunt for hidden treasures. Features hints, an in-depth tutorial, and a built-in Sudoku solver!






Pyramid Solitaire
Since when is 13 considered a lucky number? There’s no curse on these pyramids – just a lot of classic solitaire fun! Spare yourself the hassle of shuffling and dealing and play your favorite solitaire game online for free!























Apparently, blasting bricks and shooting colored balls into snake-like streams was popular before the 15th Century.  Those wacky Mesoamericans knew how to have a good time!  Try your hand at these classic match-3s!





Creeping like the great snake Quetzalquatl, the colored balls spin steadily toward the abyss. You must stop them! Shoot balls from the frog’s mouth into groups of the same color to make them disappear. When you fill the Zuma meter, no more balls are added to the chain. Clear them all out to move on to the next level!






Zuma’s Revenge
Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land! Fire stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls to guide your agile amphibian to victory! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle in this cluster-busting challenge?






Inca Ball
Clear colored spheres in a quest for treasure! Shoot orbs at snaking chains and make sphere-clearing, same-colored sequences. Clear evermore challenging boards as you close in on your quest to uncover Inca treasures. Beware the deadly skull!













We made it!  12/21/12 came and went, without a single comet impact, polar inversion, sinking continent, alien invasion, supervolcano, Godzilla attack, zombie outbreak, or mass mutation of Chihuahuas into ferocious (if tiny) man-eating wolf packs.

Still, it’s fun to fantasize about predictions and their outcomes.  Try these challenging match-3 missions, complemented by search-and-find puzzles, and an ever-unfolding story of mystery and menace and wicked wizardry. Can you thwart these prophecies of doom?





The Lost Inca Prophecy
Sift through ancient ruins for the shards of hope and prophecy! Each piece will bring you closer to uncovering the meaning of your troubling dreams… and saving the Inca civilization from annihilation.






The Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Your father’s kingdom is falling to ruin. Find and assemble the ancient relics that will call forth your only hope – the mysterious Elementals – and convince them to give your people one more chance.









Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics
Prior to his disappearance, Jennifer Wolf’s father managed to hide a certain manuscript - a book, dating from the 16th century, telling of the last sacred Mayan calendar which had been broken up into five separate fragments and entrusted to selected guardians to ensure its protection.