They say winning the lottery has the same odds as being struck by lightning, but if you’re going to hit those odds, why waste it on lightning? With a huge payout in your pocket, you could do, buy, or become anything you like!

So, what will you do first when your numbers come up?










It’s first class and five stars all the way, when you turn those lottery winnings into the trip of a lifetime! Perhaps you’d enjoy a bit of sand and sun on your celebration vacation?









Vacation Quest – Australia
Grab your passport for an exotic seek-and-find adventure, and your own Down Under getaway! Track down boomerangs in each location to tour new sites and fill your vacation journal with your achievements. Relax in untimed Vacation mode or compete against the clock. Either way, you’ll never want it to end!













Paradise Quest
Vacation tip: why take a cruise or sit on the beach, when you can save an island paradise?  Explore this fragile biosphere by matching colorful symbols of the native plant and animal species. Then use your match-3 skills to collect the wilderness fragments you’ll need to repair the island’s ecosystem!














Be it ever so humble – or not-so-humble, or even downright ostentatious – there’s no place like home. And there’s no home like the one you could buy with a big sack of lottery money! You could even restore a posh English manor, or build that little seaside bungalow.









A mansion complete with English-country garden, jaunty butler, and cute dog was left to you. The garden, though, is in a frightful state. It’s up to you to restore it to its former glory. Search cluttered rooms for items you can sell for a tidy profit. Then plow your profits into the garden… much to Austin the butler’s approval!













Build It! Miami Beach Resort
Create a city by the sea, over sixty years of beach resort development! Starting in the 1920’s, build fast-food diners, cinemas, art-deco hotels, and much more. Complete repairs, deliveries, and remodels, while racking up revenue at your hotels, shops, and restaurants!














What if you win the lottery and quit your job… then realize you’re utterly bored? Easy! With that much money, you could start your own business, invest in something awesome, or go back to school and learn whatever you need to land that cool job you wanted as a kid!









Amusement Park
Your very own amusement park: it’s every kid’s not-so-secret dream! Build the coolest new rides, concession stands and attractions, add decorations, and upgrade your buildings to earn customer hearts. Then research even more exciting rides like the Flying Carpet and Dragonferno!













Search the globe for exclusive recipes and the sweetest ingredients. Between trips, set up your factories to maximize production in a fun, fast-paced frenzy. Do you have the savvy for scrumptiousness to climb the ranks from Apprentice to Master Chocolatier?














Lottery winners have a lot of free time. What would you do with yours? Jet off to Monte Carlo for a weekend at the high-roller tables? Or maybe earn your pilot’s license!









Can you beat the dealer? Make your bet, and you’re dealt two cards. If you think you can get closer to 21 without going over, ask for another, or even double your bet on the turn of a single card. Do you feel lucky?













Microsoft Flight
The sky’s the limit! Soar among exotic locations, and immerse yourself in a variety of exciting missions in an ever expanding world. Feel the power at your fingertips as you take to the skies and launch into thrilling challenges over the free-to-play Big Island of Hawaii.







(For the record, we’d probably spend most of that free time in the spa.)