Lights flicker or maybe a door blows open on a calm sunny day.  A faucet turns off, but no one’s in the kitchen. A soft white light floats through a pitch black hallway. An ice-cold wind passes through the living room on a hot humid afternoon. Floors creek from footsteps; yet, you’re the only one home.

Perhaps there are everyday explanations for these moments, or maybe they are caused by something in your house that’s not of this world – maybe something supernatural is playing games or tricks on you?










Unlike most gardens, this one is filled with twisted plants, murky ponds, mutant flowers, and the undead. Oh, is that a bed of carnivorous swampy plants beneath your feet?









Tangled Gardens
Untangle roots and flowers with your puzzle-solving skills.










Plants vs. Zombies
Grow a flower army with seeds and sunshine, and defend your home from invading zombies!










Fishdom: Spooky Splash
Match spooky sea creatures and to earn coins and decorate your fish tank with Halloween-style!














Otherworldly voices might echo around you. Were they caused by a stereo or TV, or something more? Investigate similar mysteries in your town, or better yet, in the safety of these hidden-object games.









Ghost Town Mysteries™ - Bodie
Solve a 100-year-old murder. Use your investigative skills to search a ghost town and uncover this innocent girl’s killer.










Mishap An Accidental Haunting
Search a haunted mansion, while you fight off ghostly invaders and help the owner’s take back their home.










Haunted Manor Lord of Mirrors
Assist your young friend’s escape from a haunted manor and the Lord of Mirrors.














The dark closet or the thing under your bed. Are they figments of your imagination or something from another dimension? At least those creepy crawlies are identifiable.









Spider Solitaire
Stacks suits, while you avoid getting caught in a web of cards.










Bookworm Adventures
Spell words, battle fictional monsters, and gather powerful relics, while you help Lex save the day.










Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
You'll need a quick eye and fast reflexes to advance in this dark twist on Mahjongg Dimensions.














All those noises and unexplained events – could they be friendly ghosts, mischievous children, the family pet, or something more sinister? Maybe it’s best you leave the dark possibilities and nightmares in games like these and, instead, use this item to protect your dreams.









Dark Tales Edgar Allan Poe
As C. Auguste Dupin’s apprentice, you’ll find clues and solve sinister puzzles to find the missing family in Poe’s short story.










Voodoo Whisperer
Search for items to uncover the dark secrets of voodoo, so you can free New Orleans from an evil curse.










Vampires vs. Zombies
Fight off a zombie invasion with your vampire forces in this time management game.







Hauntings may be only something you experience in movies or books. But some people in your neighborhood believe these supernatural phenomena are very real.