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Gray skies giving you the bad-weather blues?  In-laws coming to visit?  Boss hassling you for those TPS reports?  Dog likes the vet better than you?  Whatever your gloom, we have the cure, and it’s right here at the end of the rainbow.

Don’t worry, be happy!





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First cure for a bad day: adorable kittens!  (Not like there’s any other kind, of course.)  Or how about some frolicking puppies?  If even that doesn’t make you smile, try baby bunnies.  Nobody can resist the power of cute!







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Granny in Paradise
Granny’s furry friends are in peril, and she’s out to rescue them all, but she faces some obstacles along the way. If she wants to prevail, she must run, climb, dig holes, and save every single stranded kitty! Get ready for magical flowers, bombs, sink holes, and more in this charming, challenging, tropical action puzzler.











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Pet Shop Hop
Bunnies and puppies and fish, oh my!  Build your business out of equal parts skill, wit, and total, mind-bending cuteness. Don’t let the MegaPet Superstore put the bite on you – upgrade your shop, match customers with their perfect pets, and increase profits to avoid being gobbled up by the competition!











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Cubis Creatures
Fire the colorful cubes across the miniature checkerboard to score matches and clear the cubes! Every time three or more of the same color are touching, they’ll disappear. Score mega matches and big combos to clear the board quickly. New cube types appear as you progress through the game to provide extra challenges.









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Sometimes a good mood is just one little indulgence away. Why not treat yourself to something sweet? There’s plenty of time to get back on that diet tomorrow, so for now, sample, savor, and smile!







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Sweet Shop Rush
Build the ultimate sweet shop! Make mouthwatering sweets and desserts, serve your customers and build the most popular store in town. Start with a humble shop and a few simple sweets, then work your way up to the greatest sweet shop the town has ever seen. With tons of levels and upgrades, varied gameplay styles, and plenty of replay value.











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Cake Mania - To the Max!
Flashback to the ’80s for bakery time management, big hair, and colors not found in nature!  Bake, frost, and decorate cakes for your quirky, capricious customers.  Lay the path for Jill’s baking career using all-new equipment upgrades, updated shop mechanics, and other pastry-powerup improvements.











Description: candymaze90x90


Candy Maze
While out for a walk in the woods, Einstein the chameleon found one of his favorite treats - a cupcake! But this sweet surprise turned out to be a bitter trap and our friend finds himself locked up in a pet shop. Now it's up to you to help him escape in this addictive puzzle adventure!











Description: chocolatier90x90


Chocolatier 2 - The Secret Ingredients
What’s better than chocolate?  More chocolate!  Travel to exotic locations, befriend international marketers, seek out rare ingredients, and create new cocoa-licious confections in your quest to rebuild your chocolate empire. Features six factories to purchase and 72 recipes to acquire!









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Tiptoe through the tulips, stop and smell the roses, make a daisy chain, bask in the sunflowers, and never forget the forget-me-nots! It’s a scientific fact: flowers make us happier, less anxious, and more optimistic, which is just what you need when you’re feeling glum. So pick a posy, have a sniff, and let the relaxation bloom.







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How does your garden grow? Why, with butterflies and trowels, and matching colors all in a row! Plant beautiful flowerz, set up matches and cascades, and keep planning ahead to make your garden flourish round after round. Can you become a true master gardener?











Description: 90x90_wwgn


Wild Word Garden
Put away the water can, and stow the seeds. Make flowers come to life by arranging scrambled letters into words. Start each round by building a three-letter word, then four, and all the way up to win. Score extra points by spelling the mysterious “Wild Word”. Then plant flowers in the garden Bonus Round!







(And if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...)





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When real life gets you down, take an imagination break! Close your eyes, leave the real world behind, and tame a dragon, or board a steam-powered submarine to the lost city of Atlantis, or climb to the top of Everest and capture the moon in a net. The light of a moon-lantern can dispel even the deepest shadows of grumpiness!







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Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales
Build words and battle fairytale foes as you help Lex the Bookworm save the storybook world! Trade vocab barbs and banter with your favorite villains, survive chapter after chapter and improve your score in this best-selling, page-turning, role-playing word game!











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All you need to play is a good eye, careful aim, even more careful planning, and a generous dollop of luck. Just fire a steel ball into the pegs and bounce your way to bonuses, trick shots, and victory! It's pachinko with powerups and a talking unicorn... need we say more?











Description: magictime90x90


Magic Time
After a mysterious artifact falls from the sky and is discovered by Avitus, it explodes destroying his home! Now the poor wizard needs your help. Collect energy from the forest by matching colorful tiles and use magical powerups to help repair Avitus' home in this enchanting Match 3 game!









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Ahhhhh, and what better way to throw off that melancholy funk than to celebrate love, in all its wonder and fun?  Grab that special someone, tell them how much they mean to you, and plant a great big kiss on their lips – the rest of the day will go your way, guaranteed!








Delicious - Emily’s True Love
Join Emily's search for true happiness! As her restaurant business booms, Emily receives a mysterious rose and old love letter. Travel the world – serving up wit, wisdom, and delicious treats as you go – and help this hopeless romantic reconnect with the one that got away.











Description: crazycatslove90x90


Crazy Cats Love
Help connect the cutest cat couple through a feline frenzy of puzzles! There will be flipping and falling, tumbling and turning, fast and furryous gameplay. Can you overcome giant fans, high explosives, and alien invasion to bring the star-crossed lovers together at last?