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At any time of the day, you may need to take a step back and think about something else for a moment. Sometimes that means using your brain to solve a couple quick puzzles to clear your mind—and we have more than a couple of those to choose from!





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You don’t have to think too hard about these jigsaw games, leaving you free to relax for a moment and, at the same time, assemble a pretty picture!
Put these together super quick? Search for jigsaw puzzle competitions on







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Solve jigsaw puzzles from the comfort of your own desktop! Jigsaw boasts a host of features that make solving puzzles easy and enjoyable. Choose from three new puzzles daily!











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Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate puzzles. Take your time, enjoy, even pour yourself a coffee… you’re not on the clock. Packed with piece-ful play, this game’s a stitch!









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The match-3 genre is a now a classic genre that covers a wide variety of games—here are two of the giants in the field!
Read about the history of the match-3 genre on







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Bejeweled 3
Discover all-new ways to play the world’s #1 puzzle game! While the basics remain the same: swap two adjacent pieces to make matching rows of identical gems, Bejeweled 3 sparkles with the powerful new Star Gem, high-definition graphics, gameplay that’s smoother than ever, and an all-new soundtrack.











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Jewel Quest
Explore mysterious jungle ruins full of ancient artifacts and buried relics. But prepare to think fast and act carefully, because it takes more than luck to claim the Mayan gold!









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Mahjong is all about matching with strategy. Try Mah Jong Tiles for the classic example, or Mahjong Dimensions for an added twist!
Find the meaning of each of the Mahjong tiles mean on







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Mah Jong Tiles
In this puzzle game based on the popular (but more complicated) Mah Jong, you match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Clear the board of all tiles to win the game.











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Mahjong Dimensions
Take the classic tile matching game and turn it into a spinning block of 3D puzzling! Race against the clock by matching symbols on all sides of the cube to drill down to the center – the faster you go, the more points you get!









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Have a moment? Make sure that’s all you spend with these timed games that’ll keep you on track!
Research the definition of time on







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Click matching groups of three or more bricks to clear the board. After you clear all of the new rows of bricks, you will move on to the next level. Don't let the wall of bricks reach the top or the game will end. Watch out! Those falling bricks speed up over time!











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Cubis 2 Exclusive Edition
Take your puzzle obsession to the next dimension with Cubis 2: Exclusive Edition! MSN Games is the one place you can find addictively fun new levels like Yowzer, Freight Elevator, Babel, and Core Meltdown!









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If you have time to dig deep into a game and figure things out, these two games are for you, whether you’re a number lover or love to make matches.
Let help you find your favorite number theory.







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Use simple logic to fill in the puzzle's nine rows and nine columns with numerals 1-9. Each number can only be used once in a given row or column. Enter the correct number in every grid square to win!











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Wake the Royalty
The kingdom’s royals are zonked, knackered. I dare say, they appear exceedingly cream crackered! And there lies the rub: only you can suss out how to use the lumber to wake these sovereigns from slumber!









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What’s that over there? If you usually have the answer to that, you’re ready for this genre of game that specializes in hidden objects.
Can’t find it? Maybe can help you find an eye test or two.







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Use the magnifying glass to find numbers scattered throughout the scene before times runs out. Find enough of them to go on to the next scene. For an extra challenge, disable the magnifying glass and just use your sharp eyes!











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A mansion complete with English-country garden, jaunty butler, and cute dog was left to you. The garden, though, is in a frightful state. It’s up to you to restore it to its former glory. Search cluttered rooms for items you can sell for a tidy profit. Then plow your profits into the garden—much to Austin the butler’s approval!