Bills, bread, greenbacks, moolah – whatever you like to call your money, you won’t need it to play any of these great new games.

All the fun, none of the fundage!












Cult Movies Trivia
Do you prefer independent films to big blockbusters? Then this is the trivia for you! See if you know these cult classic movies and get a following of your own!












Match 10
All the numbers you can chain, for not one cent of change. Link together neighboring numbers, until they add up to 10. The longer your chain, the higher your score!












Word Search
This game is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S. Ten words are hidden in a grid of random letters. The name of each grid is a clue, but with only five minutes on the clock, how many puzzles can you solve?












Freecell Solitaire
It even has “free” in the name! And it’s one of the world’s most popular Solitaire games.  Nearly all hands can be solved, but with only four open cells (and only ten minutes on the timer), can you beat the clock and win the game?












Stacks and stacks of dolls, and it won’t cost you a dollar!  Maneuver and match a mountain of merry matryoshkas in this quick and clever game.  Line them up and let them go, then stack them high and watch them grow!