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Set sail for adventure, exploration, relaxation, or plunder… whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it somewhere in the seven seas of legend! Fancy a fish fillet? Craving the clash of cutlasses? Maybe you’d just like to sit by the seashore and sort shiny seashells? (If you can say that five times fast, we salute you.)

From sunken shipwrecks to idyllic islands, we’ve assembled ten vicarious virtual voyages for you to enjoy!







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Raise the storm jib, stow the breakables, and nail shut those portholes before we’re knee-deep in herring; there’s a nor’easter on the brew!  (Aren’t you glad you’re not out to sea in a storm?)









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Tradewinds 2
Sail the seas in search of profit and adventure! Visit exotic ports of call, purchase cargo and try to sell it at a profit, all while battling pirates, dodging gales, and keeping your ship in good repair.

Hope you're up to the challenge, Captain!














Description: adelantadotrilogybookone90x90


Adelantado Trilogy – Book One
Discover the secrets of the jungle, find riches and glory with Adelantado! Help the brave – if shipwrecked – naval officer Don Diego De Leon to find and save a lost expedition, and collect much-needed gold for the crown.












Description: 590x44_header_HoistTheColors







And by “colors”, we mean the Jolly Roger, because these seas be full of buccaneers!









Description: 90x90_pppp


Pirate Poppers
Join a crew of brave corsairs searching for lost treasure, but beware rival pirates looking to send you to a watery grave! Match three or more spheres of the identical color to make them explode. But should the pirate spheres reach the end of the path, your days of sailing the Spanish Main are over!














Description: TreasureSeekersVisionsOfGold90x90


Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold
What’s a pirate without plunder, or a buccaneer without booty? Travel from strange laboratories to the dangerous depths of the ocean as you search for the hidden treasure once owned by your swashbuckling grandmother.

(Or would that be “grandmoth-aarrr”?)








Many famous pirates had their own special flags. Which do you like best?







Description: 590x44_header_TharSheBlows







The largest animal in the entire world lives in the ocean.  So do some of the smallest, which is good, since they’re what the big one eats. And then, there are fish. Lots and lots and lots of fish…









Description: 90x90_bkrf


Big Kahuna Reef
Free your finny friends! Dozens of colorful reef fish have been hidden away in wooden boxes. Break all the boxes before the tiki timer changes from blue to gray, to save the fish from a dubious fate. Think fast – you might even uncover a legendary golden idol and score big bonus points!














Description: glowfish90x90


Free Coralline from Dr. Urchin in this magical underwater platform adventure. Navigate your way through the twists and turns of each maze level with a fluid control system. Circle enemies to fire your bubbles and win the battle.












Description: 590x44_header_LandHo







Just a tip: “ho” is not the same thing as “hoe”. So when somebody yells, “Land ho!” it just means they see an island, not that they want you to row ashore and start farming on it.

Unless you want to, of course.









Description: 90x90_rsh2


Ranch Rush 2
What better place to grow those exotic crops than on a tropical island? Plant, harvest, and sell bananas, pineapples and sugar cane. Milk goats, make pies, and fill orders on time to keep your customers happy.  (Oh, and we hope you like monkeys…)














Description: MysterySharkIsland90x90


Mystery of Shark Island
Ahhhh, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a warm, sunny beach. Roam the shores of Shark Island, gathering the shells, sea glass and rocks you find along the way. Collect the right ones and the mysteries of this lost island will begin to unravel before your eyes!












Description: 590x44_header_WeighAnchor







The bounding main, the vasty deep, the briny blue, the sailor’s lady, the pond, the puddle, the yawning abyss, the tides, the deep blue sea – we can call it what we like; it’s been calling to us for thousands of years. In Viking longboats or luxury liners, we’ve set sail and chased our dreams to the sunset.

Adventure awaits!









Description: 90x90_iceb


Ice Breaker
Don a horn-adorned helmet and shoulder your trusty axe – you’re about to become a hero! Your craggy crewmates are frozen in ice, and only you can set them free. Just watch out for Nordic rats and killer runes… and all the chasms… and the stalactites… and the buxom Viking women… wait, what? 














Description: diner_dash_flo_go90x90


Diner Dash 3 – Flo on the Go
The ever-dashing Flo wants to swap her accustomed apron for a passport to paradise! But when her suitcase spills into the ocean, she must rely on her table-serving talents to get the vacation (and her wardrobe) back on track! Will our hard-working waitress ever get a chance to relax?









(Also, the answer to the obvious question is right here.)