The crops are in, the trees are bare, and those little lambs aren’t so little anymore, so it’s time to relax and appreciate the bounty of nature.  What better way to do both than to spend an afternoon admiring prize-winning livestock and produce, while eating a deep-fried candy bar?

Welcome to the Harvest Fair!










Visit the Grange Hall for a sumptuous feast of vine-ripened, handpicked harvest games, with all the trimmings!

(Afterwards, how about a nice stroll through the corn maze?)









Help Joe earn money to restore his ranch! Sell fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, flowers, eggs, and honey to the townspeople. Breathe new life into a long-neglected farm, and fill it with clucking chickens, contented cows, and buzzing beehives.











Ranch Rush


Ranch Rush
Plant, pick, and pack your produce for delivery to demanding customers. You'll have to be as quick as a greased pig to get your crops grown and harvested while battling pests, water shortages, mechanical breakdowns, and more. This is the most frenetic farm you can find!













Harvest Spot the Difference
We’ve been growing this crop of puzzlers all year, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of the season. You’ll be presented with two images side-by-side. They look the same… or do they?  For each set of pictures, there are ten differences – how many can you find?














Follow your nose to the Baker’s Expo, home of fresh-baked bread and perfectly prepared pastries.









Cake Shop 3
Open bakeries around the world to expand your cake empire! Make delicious desserts for international customers, add local delights to your menu, and upgrade your restaurants to double down on profits.













Miriel the Magical Merchant
Earn actual recipes as you play! No one cooks up a more magical loaf of bread than Miriel, and she’ll serve monks, maidens, and miscreants alike in her enchanted emporium. Magical devices and special abilities help you deliver one-of-a-kind treats to your hungry customers.














Only the most beautiful bouquets and stunning specimens will do in the Floral Pavilion.









Magic Farm – Ultimate Flower
Help a fairytale florist and her little pet dragon save her beloved parents! Water, protect, and sell the fragrant crop, alone or in bouquets. Use your magical green thumb, and find the Ultimate Flower in this enchanting quest for family, flowers, and fun!













Plant beautiful flowers, set up matches and cascades, and keep planning ahead to make your garden flourish round after round. For an extra challenge and higher scores, try Expert Mode! Can you become a true master gardener?














Prize-winning steers, sheep-shearing demonstrations, and hogs the size of zeppelins – you’ll find them all in the Livestock Barn!









Eggz Blast
To win the game, you have to break a few eggs! In this fast-paced, egg-matching smash-fest, you’ll have only 90 seconds to clear as many levels as possible.  Hurl your eggs at groups of the same color, until you reach the back board of the chicken coop.











Farm Frenzy


Farm Frenzy
Turn a bare patch of dirt into a bustling ranch and a thriving business! Before long, you’ll be building processing plants and workshops, buying more livestock, and making farm-fresh products to sell for cash. Just watch out for bears!













Dairy Dash
Help a family of city slickers successfully run a farm by caring for livestock and growing crops. The faster and more efficiently you tend to the farm, the better your produce, and the higher your score!














Crafts and candies, art and antiques, the Heritage Hall has a little bit of something for everybody at the Fair.









Craft a crazy quilt of fun with this unique puzzle game. Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate patterns. Take your time, enjoy, even pour yourself a coffee... you’re not on the clock. Packed with piece-ful play, this game’s a stitch!













The Great Chocolate Chase
Make and serve chocolate treats to international customers at exotic chocolate shops around the globe. Overcome new challenges at every turn in this all-new assembly management adventure based in the early 1900s!













Little Shop - Memories
Pack up shop and take a walk down memory lane, searching for vintage and antique treasures to stock your next Little Shop. Discover photos, trinkets, and other keepsakes hidden within decades past, while prepping for your exciting future!











Harvest Jigsaw


Harvest Jigsaw
Puzzle your way through a fine crop of harvest-themed scenes in our seasonal edition special!













Fishdom – Harvest Splash
Match tiles to unlock and earn the perfect upgrades, accessories, and harvest-themed decorations for your ultimate autumn aquarium! Can you collect enough sunken treasure to buy the rare and elusive turkey-fish?