May we have a word with you?

Whether you’re spelling them, searching for them, or rearranging them, words are just plain fun.  So put on your thinking cap, and join us for these seven splendiferous free games!











 the art of hiding something by obscuring it with other things.  A handy skill for ninjas, or word-puzzle designers!








Word Search
Check the clues and embark on a classic T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E hunt!







Play Jig Words

Jig Words
Create words to reveal hidden jigsaws in this hybrid puzzler!















...means a jumble of things, or a collection of dissimilar parts.  We’ve got jumbo bundles of lingo jumbles for lexical jugglers everywhere!







Play Text Twist

Text Twist
Have fun twisting in the #1 most-played word game on MSN Games!








Challenge the entire Internet to a unique and highly addictive word-search game!








Word Mojo
Assemble letters to build words, and fill up the Mojo tiles for big bonuses.















...refers to the small, precise details of a matter. The smallest and most precise word-loving creature we know is Lex the Bookworm.








Chain letters to form words and feed a vermicious vocabuvore.







Play Bookworm Adventures

Bookworm Adventures
Join this little logophile on his epic storybook journey!