Some people say that technology changes everything, and that’s almost true. Technology does make life easier, in a zillion little ways, and more fun in a zillion others.  But the big, important stuff – family and love and health and happiness and everything else that matters most – that stuff hasn’t changed a bit. Even the most high-tech gadget (or the finest weighted companion cube) is no substitute for a few true friends.

On the other hand, technology gives you some great new ways to interact with those friends... so grab your Windows Phone and let’s take a look at friendship in the 21st century!










What better way to keep in touch?



·          Your favorite apps, and over 130,000 more!



·         Sharing photos in seconds is easy with pocket-to-picture-to-post.



·         Live Tiles bring instant updates to the Start Screen with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter built-in.



·         With SkyDrive, your photos, videos, and Office docs are always available right on your Windows Phone.
















What do friends do when they get together?  They have fun!  And what’s more fun than videogames?


Yeah, we’re not sure either. So check out some of our favorite phone games, selected especially to celebrate the joys of friendship.  (Then compare scores with your best buddies, and treat them to a bit of trash talk, because that’s what friends do, too.)







The heartwarming tale of two little friends who just want to spend some time together in the midst of a crazy, ever-changing world.



They say dogs are man’s best friend, but lions, tigers, and bears need love too! Take your cuddly cubs from the hit Kinect game along wherever you go.









Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars
Comrades-in-arms make great friends. So do birds with lightsabers. Unleash your feathery inner Jedi, and fight to protect your peeps!



Doodle God
Making friends is easy, when you build them from scratch! What sort of friends will you make? A wizard? A werewolf? A cute little dolphin?










Roll in the Hole
Okay, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a cute little roly-poly panda? And friends help friends battle evil dessert-stealing gorillas, so get rollin’!


Plants vs. Zombies
Floral friendship is nothing to sneeze at... unless, of course, you have hay fever. But these loyal legumes and trusty tubers might just save your life!






GG acronym protip: It only means “good game” if your opponents play fair, and display sportsmanlike behavior.  If they’re sore losers, it means “good grief”.










What’s a friendship without a little “friendly competition”?  Whether you’re getting fit together, comparing collections, learning a new skill, or just seeing who can balance the most empty beer cans on a sleeping cat, friendly rivalry gives you that extra incentive to succeed!






Total C25K

Total C25k
From your couch to running a 30-minute 5K, in 9 weeks. Map runs, track your times, calories, distance and more, then post your progress to Facebook!



Organize your book, movie, or other collections. Post your latest finds to Facebook. Manage loaned items, and even search for new ones!









Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football
Watch the progress of your leagues: see standings, the scoreboard, and your team's weekly stats, or update your roster just before the game!


Basketball Pro '13

Basketball Pro '13
Up-to-the-minute scores, stats, standings, and much more. Personalize your own fantasy playoff prediction, and compare it to your friends' predictions!






No clear winner in your little weight loss wager or snow-sculpture competition?  Why waste time arguing about it, when you could play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock to settle the tie?










It’s called “social media” for a good reason!  So pick up the phone, log in, and get social.







Tweet, share photos and send direct messages to your friends and to the world. Don't have an account? Just sign up from the app!



Post your status, read your feed, join events, check into a location, review your messages, upload photos, and see what your friends are up to!










Browse and post to Pinterest on your Windows phone. Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place to catalog and share the things you love.



Take Tumblr wherever you go! Easy access – read posts, add new content, and manage your account.






TTYL acronym protip: It’s really more of a formality, like “wish you were here” or “see you soon”.  You don’t actually have to talk to them later.  It can wait.










Share and share alike, that’s what Mum always says.  So why not share your favorite photos, music, and creative talents with friends and family?







Access your Instagram account, browse updates, search for other users, view popular and nearby photos. See who likes your photos!


Upload and download media with your phone, or capture photos directly to your albums. Share with friends by email, and show off your collection!






NowPlaying Quick

Quickly share the current song playing in your Music + Videos Hub to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Windows Live.



Don’t just “draw something”, draw ANYTHING! Draw stuff to inspire your friends, then share it on social media. Browse, star, or reply to your favorites!









TMI LOL acronym protip: If your buddy is tweeting about bodily functions, feel free to omit the LOL in favor of OMG EWWW!










Awesome (and amusing) as online communication can be, getting together in person is even more fun, albeit tragically lacking in Like buttons or emoticons.  Still, gathering the gang in realspace for a movie, meal, or special occasion is often a great idea.






MSN Movies

MSN Movies
Find a theater, get showtimes, read reviews, watch trailers, and buy tickets, all on your phone! The share with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.



Find the best eats in your city or on the road.  Search by cuisine type, price, what’s open, and table availability, then make reservations!










Discover the world around you. Meet up with friends. Find places to go. Save money with Specials. Have fun exploring!


Birthdays Diary

Birthdays Diary
Track your friends' birthdays, with live tile reminders! Import from phone contacts and Facebook, or add custom entries. Simple and elegant.






Remember, if you get together with friends, spend the whole time tweeting or blogging about it, and don’t even realize that everyone else has gone home until somebody updates their Facebook status... well, it may be time for an intervention.










Grab your posse, peeps, besties, bros, urban clanmates or fauxmily members, and hit the road to adventure! Whether it’s autumn in the wine country, spring break in the Keys, or a wild weekend in Vegas, highway hijinx are always better with friends!







Plan and have your perfect trip! With over 75 million reviews and opinions, you'll find the best places to eat, sleep, and play, wherever you travel.


Hotel Finder

Hotel Finder
Find the perfect hotel on an interactive map, with live criteria filtering. View hotels by price or rating, scan reviews, and pick the best location!










Find the cheapest fuel in your area. Help fight high gas prices together by reporting gas prices, and get a chance to win free gas in the process!



Pinpoint forecasts for your current location, plus your favorite cities around the globe. View current conditions and check out the 10-day forecast! 






AFK acronym protip: Is it just us, or does typing “AFK” seem like a contradiction in terms?










Some friendships are based on mutual respect, shared interests, and complementary life experiences.  Others are based on good times, great insults, and an ever-escalating war of pranks.  If your life is one long frat party, then we have some apps just for you...






Airhorn Ultimate Sports Prank

Airhorn Ultimate
Arm the air horn with a timer, sound, or movement-detection and laugh as it startles your friends. Hook your phone up to speakers for the best effect!


Scary Scream Machine Horror Prank

Scary Scream Machine
Strategically place your phone, set a timer or other cue, and wait for the fun!  Loads of options: even record your own screams or scary sounds.









Busted Phone Prank

Busted Phone
“You broke my phone!”

Any touch to the screen will cause a crack to appear, and play a breaking sound.


The Lie Detector

The Lie Detector
Wow, a fingerprint scanner that determines whether someone is lying...?  NOT!  You control the results by tilting your phone. Truth, or lie? Great for parties!






PWNED acronym protip: Advanced texters may choose to mix this one up a little, to better fit the situation. For example, if you filled your buddy’s breakfast pastry with jalapenos, you might say SCWNED.

Also, by their very nature, any of the pranks listed above can be described as PHWNED.