5 Games Women Love





The results are in – women just want to have fun! So we came up with five great games that women love to play.

What do these games all have in common? They may be easy to learn, but underneath the bright and colorful graphics lies challenging gameplay. You’ll have to keep your wits about you to play these games! Play a new game today – you’re sure to find something you’ll like!
















Call of Atlantis
Heed the Call from a Lost City! Return the seven crystals of power to Poseidon’s altar before Atlantis is lost forever. Search for hidden treasures and unlock mythic artifacts across the ancient world.













Match three or more same-shaped tiles to clear the board. But how well do you do on the diagonal… or when all the tiles turn white and you must match by shape alone? Fitz! puts a bake-your-noodle spin on match-3 play.












Make as many words as you can from jumbled letters emblazoned on the chickens—and complete the puzzle grid as quickly as possible. Peck out enough words to fill the empty egg rack and move on to the next round.












Spot the Difference
Look closely, and then look again – this game will have you doubting what you see. You’ll be presented with two identical images – or are they? All it takes is an eye for details!












Crescent Solitaire
Two decks of cards are scattered in a crescent, while four lonely Kings and four little Aces wait in the center to welcome the rest of their suit! Can you sort through this card-crescent chaos, to return the decks to their proper order?