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Are you already chatting with friends and family using Windows Live Messenger? If not, why not?! Besides communicating with your loved ones, you could be playing games with them at the same time. Instant messaging has never been more fun!





Free Games




Play 3D Tic Tac Toe on Windows Live Messenger!

3D Tic Tac Toe (Play Now!)


Match Xs and Os across three playing boards in this three dimensional showdown!



Play Rock, Paper, Scissors on Windows Live Messenger!

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Play Now!)


Watch out for the shark as you engage in a friendly Rock, Paper, Scissors competition!



Play Tic-A-Tac Poker on Windows Live Messenger!

Tic-A-Tac Poker (Play Now!)


Challenge a friend to make winning poker hands by placing cards on the grid board!



Play World Championship Diving on Windows Live Messenger!

World Championship Diving (Play Now!)


Match beats and make your diver perform a series of breathtaking mid-air moves and stunts!



Play Luxor on Windows Live Messenger!

Luxor (Play Now!)


Save the pyramids from peril in this hit matching puzzler set in ancient Egypt!



Play UNO on Windows Live Messenger!

UNO (Play Now!)


Play this colorful card game with family & friends. But don’t forget to call UNO at the end!



Play Sudoku Too on Windows Live Messenger!

Sudoku Too (Play Now!)


It’s the number-crunching, puzzling sensation that has swept the world. Compete with, or against, friends and family online!



You Know It! Trivia (Play Now!) –


Match wits with a friend in a trivia face-off!



Play Reversi on Windows Live Messenger!

Reversi (Play Now!)


Battle with an opponent in this classic stone-flipping game. Whoever has the most squares wins!




Play Mah Jong Quest on Windows Live Messenger!

Mah Jong Quest (Play Now!)


Remove matching tiles from the board in your quest to reach the golden Yin and Yang tiles before time runs out!



Play Jewel Quest on Windows Live Messenger!

Jewel Quest (Play Now!)


Swap ancient archaeological relics to line up three in a row and transform sandy tiles into gold!



Play Backgammon on Windows Live Messenger!

Backgammon (Play Now!)


Move your checkers off the board first. Strategy is key but a few lucky rolls of the dice always help!



Play Bejeweled on Windows Live Messenger!

Bejeweled (Play Now!)


Play the Messenger version of the action-packed puzzle game that has taken the Internet by storm!



Play 7 Hand Poker on Windows Live Messenger!

7 Hand Poker (Play Now!)


Play up to 5 cards each turn to form a partial or full poker hand. Win 3 hands adjacent to each other or the majority to win the game!



Play Mah Jong Tiles on Windows Live Messenger!

Mah Jong Tiles (Play Now!)


Match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Clear the board of all tiles to score the bonus. Score more than your opponent to win the game!



Play Mozaki Blocks on Windows Live Messenger!

Mozaki Blocks (Play Now!)


See if you can create colorful paths with puzzle pieces before your opponent!



Play Cubis on Windows Live Messenger!

Cubis (Play Now!)


Slide and stack cubes on the 3-D grid in this new puzzle game. Take it to the next level faster than your opponent!



Play Hexic on Windows Live Messenger!

Hexic (Play Now!)


Compete with your friends to see who can rotate to match the colors first in this new puzzle game from the creator of Tetris!



Play Jigsaw Too on Windows Live Messenger!

Jigsaw Too (Play Now!)


Team up with a friend and collaborate to solve the online puzzles!



Play Minesweeper Flags on Windows Live Messenger!

Minesweeper Flags (Play Now!)


Watch your step! Use strategic moves to uncover the most mines; the first player to find more than half of them wins!



Play Solitaire Showdown on Windows Live Messenger!

Solitaire Showdown (Play Now!)


Challenge your friends in this quick-thinking, head-to-head version of classic solitaire!



Play Checkers on Windows Live Messenger!

Checkers (Play Now!)


Invite your friend for a game of classic checkers, and find out who is king!



Play Tic Tac Toe on Windows Live Messenger!

Tic Tac Toe (Play Now!)


Play this old favorite against a friend instantly, online!