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Writer and columnist Dorothy Rosencrans has been playing on MSN Games for over five years. She began with her first love, the game of Bridge, and now is an avid fan of Backgammon as well. She also plays Spades and several single-player games, and uses a different nickname for each one.

Her book Playing Around… My Adventures on the Zone.com was published in October, 2003.







Growing Closer Through Technology
Online gaming started with a need to connect with other people, and through MSN Games Dorothy has found herself a wealth of great games and great friends. This month Dorothy explores the nature of social gaming and recounts her own experiences making connections with other gamers.




What’s In a Name?
From Sneezy Zebra to Scooby Deux, Bad Habits to Wry Toast, Human Beans to Bumpy Fairway, and Friar Luck to Dry Dirt, Ad Infinitum, Dorothy explores the wild and often wacky world of player nicknames.




The Connection
Most people agree that the Internet is a high-tech method of connecting computers together around the world. Dorothy, however, sees it as a connector of lives, and a sense of freedom for people who may have little of their own.




Face to Face
Dorothy attends a live Bridge tournament for MSN Games players, and cheerfully tells the tale!




Who is Dorothy Rosencrans?
Meet Dorothy Rosencrans: journalist, author, mom, wife, grandma, cancer survivor, Bridge enthusiast and longtime MSN Games player. Her optimism, humor, and friendly nature make her columns as entertaining as they are enlightening.