Best of Badges



We’re bringing our best badges back for a limited time! This may be your last chance to win these exclusive badges, so get playing and add them to your already-bursting badge collection!

Every month we’ll have a new group of classic badges for you to earn. Check out this month’s selection below!

(Note: If you have already won a badge, you will not have the chance to win the same badge again.)











Win the Orange badge!

Peggle - oRAnGE!


Available 8/6 – 9/5











Win this badge!

Zen Gems - Facial Facets


Available 8/6 – 9/5









TriJinx - Tri-Jinxed


Available 8/6 – 9/5








Play Street of Dreams to win this badge!

Street of Dreams - Make My House


Available 8/6 – 9/5